Your Chutzpah Got You the Job

Your Chutzpah got you the job, was Alok’s response to my question when I asked him what made him offer this job to me.

Your Chutzpah got you the job, was Alok’s response to my question when I asked him what made him offer this job to me. Alok is the Managing Partner of the SRKAY Consulting Group, a global private-equity firm that invests in Tech Start-ups.

Chutzpah means supreme self-confidence (In a positive way). Though that made me happy but also prompted me to ask him, what is the measure of self-confidence that is just right to get a top management role and yet not to the extent of looking too over-confident especially as a “CXO” candidate; as that usually doesn’t go very well with the board. He appreciated my curiosity and started explaining to me how the human mind works and how all our actions, thoughts, beliefs etc. are such a clear reflection of our mindset. I was surprised as he kept sharing quite an insight into my personality traits as well as my mindset; as if he were reading it just like an open book. What had started with a very simple conversation became a very interesting and intense conversation about the human mindset and the science of predicting it like an open book. That is when he explained to me the about his new investee technology start-up venture SCIKEY.

SCIKEY is essentially an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Talent Commerce platform to offer a 21st-century hiring experience that is powered by the proprietary MindMatch engine, which can predict a human mindset just like an open book. This platform is not only equipped to solve the 3 most talked about issues around Talent Acquisition of the Quality, Speed Experience of hiring for the employers as well as the job seekers, but also has a fantastic new-age Talent Experience management component that offers a great experience management tool from hire to retire.

I was totally amazed and as I drove back home, I kept thinking on how technology has evolved to do such great things that were almost considered supernatural until a few years back. I had personally never thought that AI, Mathematical models Algorithms will start mapping something as complex as a human mind and start predicting the behavior, personality traits, fitment to a job role etc; all this with just a few clicks and make all of it looks just like a video game with all the gamification jazzy features.

The world is moving fast so is SCIKEY. Stay tuned as SCIKEY prepares to launch it’s advisory consulting arm under the banner of SCIKEY Research that aims to redefine the way businesses uncover true people potential, productivity, engagement, people success and hence all this going into defining the success as well as the longevity of the business per say; yet again – just by the click of a few buttons.



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