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How to prepare yourself for post COVID19 job scenario


COVID19 is impacting our businesses and jobs. Giving away our Talent Commerce Platform (TCP) for free is a way to say "We Care"

Free version of Talent Commerce Platform will give you access to every module and database with millions of resume. We still have preserved the best for our enterprise customers and any free user can upgrade anytime.

Talent Commerce Platform

An end-to-end hiring & contracting platform that will help you find the Quality talent faster and cost effectively. Integrate your Sourcing from vendors, social media channels, employee referrals and your internal resume database; all into one omni-channel platform.

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Talent Alignment Platform

SCIKEY Talent Alignment Platform enables HR professionals to make data-driven decisions coming out of 'SCIKEY MindMatch' psychometry assessments to attract, manage, and retain talent helping improve ROI for the organisation.

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SCIKEY MindMatch
Hire for Attitude - Align for Success

SCIKEY MindMatch algorithm powers 'Right Attitude' hiring in Talent Commerce Platform and powers 'Organizational Alignment Ability Rating' in Talent Alignment Platform.

What is MindMatch

SCIKEY MindMatch is a patented algorithm that takes input from an online gamified psychometry assessment and provides insights about the mindset of the individual on 5 key professional behavioural parameters and 25 sub parameters.

Why MindMatch

SCIKEY MindMatch can match individual’s compatibility to the behavioural needs of the Job, Team compatibility and even Organisational alignment. It is validated & tested on thousands of individuals globally.

Enabling MindMatch

SCIKEY MindMatch has been created to eliminate the manual interventions needed for traditional psychometric assessments. It can be triggered to job seekers as well as employees both, through our platforms; using a simple URL.

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