Scikey jobs & work platform does not charge any money from jobseekers. It is a completely free platform that enables candidates looking for jobs and work, through its digital and services ecosystem. We have NOT authorised any officer, affiliate, supplier, partner or representative of Scikey or our legal entity SRKay Consulting Group, to demand for money or any kind of consultancy or job placement fees in cash or kind or favour, from any jobseeker or public.

In case, you come across anyone who claims to be representing Scikey or SRKay Consulting Group in any way and asking for money or any kind of favour to help you get a job in India or anywhere in the world, please do NOT believe them. It must be a scam. We encourage you to report any such incident to us immediately at - scikey.support@scikey.ai

We wish you all the very best in your search for work or the next job.

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