4 things to focus while tapping into the gig economy

Hail to the Gig Economy where gig workers are creating their own work lifestyle & companies like Uber, Zomato, Upwork are capitalizing the available potential to disrupt their industries.

Sitting on a desk, working on a laptop, It’s 3.30 pm. I got a call from a friend; he met an accident. I needed to reach immediately, but I didn’t get my car today. A few seconds later, I find myself searching for an Uber cab, got one showing me 5min arrival. The cab driver arrived a few minutes later. He is the human link in a technology-driven industry of convenience. Within 30mins I was with my friend. Likewise, Uber guy, he has many other counterparts, the Zomato/Swiggy guy delivering food in 45mins.

Hail to the Gig Economy where gig workers are creating their own work lifestyle companies like Uber, Zomato, Upwork are capitalizing the available potential to disrupt their industries. In a world that is ever-changing, employment patterns have also been changing drastically. People no longer prefer desk jobs but still want to work in the field they like. Additional to that they want to travel, try new adventures, meet new people etc. All of this has given birth to the gig economy, a culture considered to be initiated by Millennials.

India constitutes about 40% of the freelance jobs offered globally, with 15 million skilled professionals fuelling the ever-so-increasing demand for contract-based jobs or the freelance industry1. This trend and available talent pool provide an opportunity for the employers to capitalize on getting the piece – work more. But before starting to encash this opportunity, here are four things to focus on to maximize the output you receive from the gig workers:


– Have a clear goal
Many companies, especially the ones outsourcing their marketing and hiring virtual assistants, are unclear about what they want the person to do. Before even approaching a freelancer, make sure to internally come up with a list of the things that you expect from the person. This will help the person to establish specific timelines and bring about results as expected. It also becomes a measuring tool for the company to decide if they should continue working with the person.


– Understand the different types of gig workers
While everyone reduces gig workers to just freelancers, people who are contract-based and part-time workers are also included in this economy. But everyone has a different pattern of working. While freelancers are usually available most of the time, contract workers allot specific time slots to companies and part-timers may or may not come to your office. It is crucial to understand what type of gig workers do you need for the job to get done.


– Establish clear communication 
Companies have been majorly failing to tap into the gig economy because they aren’t able to communicate. They have layers and layers of approvals, which leads in the delay of deadlines resulting in a backlash towards the gig economy. The easiest way to get this right is by appointing one or a maximum of three people to communicate with a gig worker, so the feedback given is quick. Since freelancers have other clients, too, they may not always keep following up on your projects; you have to take the initiative.


– Make it a partnership.
When you hire a gig worker, please don’t use the pattern of assigning work and forgetting about it. Since gig workers work with so many different clients, they are often full of ideas and can provide you with valuable feedback. Make sure to look at the arrangement as a partnership than just assigned work.


The gig economy has been blooming tremendously, and as predicted, it will keep growing. Eventually, every company will have to work with them as the best talent today is moving towards this economy. Gig workers control their employment to the type of job they want to undertake and the time they wish to put in towards such a job. Therefore, this economy bestows upon these “giggers” the flexibility and independence to be able to expand into new markets and create a talent pool for employers to choose from. So it is essential to start preparing right away and make full use of this gig economy while you can.



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