Reimagining Candidate experience during the hiring journey with technology

Let’s delve deeper into some concrete ways to see how recruitment management system can revolutionize the candidate experience.

A candidates’ experience during the hiring journey will go a long way deciding about their engagement and stay in the organizations. The journey from applying to the job, to the first round of interview and to the onboarding is important and forms the foundation of employees’ future association with their organizations. The positive and constructive experience will affirm employees’ faith in the organization, its brand, values, and practices, whereas, negative experiences may cost to them. A recent study1 found out that when job seekers have a bad candidate experience, they don’t feel like applying to the company again and they even tell other candidates about their experience. Also, bad experience may prompt them to publicly post comments on social media, which can tarnish the brand of an organization. In this era of digital advancement, job seekers can know much more about the companies than earlier days, through review sites, social media other digital ways, candidate and employee experience surely going to impact the employer brand how it is being perceived by the new talent.

Gone are the days when candidate experience was not given its due importance, today, improving the experience is becoming the top priority of the progressive companies2. Candidates are treated like customers and organizations are investing in enhancing candidate experience with process improvements as well as with the help of innovative tools and technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), IOT, Cloud computing etc. Equipped with these new technologies, recruiters are now able to offer a positive candidate experience at every step of the hiring process. Let’s delve deeper into some concrete ways to see how recruitment management system can revolutionize the candidate experience.


  1. Easing out job search: Study3reveals that 73% of candidates rate job searching as one of the most stress-inducing aspects, even more stressful than public speaking or doing taxes. By utilizing technology, recruiters can make this entire process easy as well as interesting- job adverts may be presented in the form of interesting videos and websites can be made attractive, intuitive, user-friendly and one-click application for the candidates. A lot of active job seekers use their smartphones at least once a day to look for a position, therefore, making the entire process mobile-friendly will make it easy for more and more people to apply in no time. Job search is the first step towards getting the job and if it leaves a lasting impression, things will pan out better for the next steps. At the same time, a better job-search experience will also help to build a better organizational brand by word of mouth.


  1. Quicker, holistic screening: An interesting, technology-laced screening process will lend more credibility and fun to the entire process. Using technology to screen the candidates will also benefit recruiters who spend a lot of time going through the resumes. Instead of spending hours on screening hundreds of resumes manually, the right use of technology such as AI will help to select the most relevant profiles in no time. This would also mean that recruiters can reach out to the most relevant candidates much faster, and without losing the talent to the competitors. SCIKEY, an Indo-Finnish venture uses the power of AI technology to screen the best-fit candidates who have the right mindset can be more productive in the organization. Also, the platform is powered by automation has an automated end to end hiring process keeping the Human touch intact wherever it is necessary.


  1. Communication and lots of it:Communication is the key to solve many problems. It is seen that around 50 percent of candidates don’t hear back after submitting an application4. Even during the later stages, they are kept under the dark with no communication from the recruiters end; this is disappointing for the candidates. It might be one of the reasons for ‘renege’ or no show of the candidates during the later stages of the hiring. It comes as a big loss to the recruiters and employers who spent a lot of their time and resources on the candidates who didn’t turn up when offered a job. To tackle this challenge, automating communication would greatly help. A simple emails sent intermittently will keep candidates’ interest alive in the process, and they will experience a connectedness with the prospective employers. SCIKEY has such automated mechanism where candidates receive regular automated yet personalized messages regarding status updates about the hiring other engagement personalized communication content pieces- from accepting the offer till the candidates join the organization. Now there are chatbots available to provide real-time interaction with candidates; they can be used to collect basic information from the candidates.

Providing feedback to the candidates once the process is over is another aspect of communication which is largely ignored. Irrespective of the fact, the person is hired or not, succinct, brief feedback would add a lot of value and enhance the candidate’s experience. It’s an era of personalization and providing a positive personal experience to the candidates will help to build the organizational brand.

Great hiring isn’t just about filling in the positions, rather its more about creating a positive personal, experience for the candidates which they will cherish even if they are not hired. Every interaction (in-person or virtual) during the hiring process will be an opportunity for employers to leave a lasting impact on the candidates. And surely new, cutting-edge technology will help a great deal achieving that.











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