How to make The Right Career Choice

Job For 6-Month Vs. Happy Career for Life – How to make The Right Career Choice

Finding the kind of work and job you love is often a bit of a journey, and we’ve discussed in detail about how to find the profession that is best suited to your personality. However, what to do when you end up at a place that is not in coalition with you?

In less than six months, you are frustrated with the work, and every day feels worse than the previous one. All you want to do is yell I quit! and walk out the door.

Nobody wants to go through the painful process of job hunting every six months, then why do you want to leave in this short period? You must evaluate what went wrong and what can you do to find jobs that turn into Happy Career instead.

Here are some of the most common reasons that people quit jobs; some of them might feel familiar.

This is not the kind of work I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

The work is different than what was described in the JD or during the interview.

My boss is rude and condescending to me.

The expectations are unrealistic.

This job is boring

According to a survey conducted

32% of candidates quit jobs because of lack of career advancement or promotional opportunities

21% are not happy with their compensation of salary benefits

20% are simply not the right fit for the job and thus have no job satisfaction

17% of candidates leave because of the discontent with the management or the general work culture

8% of people are looking for more flexibility

2% of employees go because of lack of job security

Are you considering leaving your current job because of any of the above reasons? Or one or more of these have been your reason for leaving a job in the past? Either way, it’s time to evaluate what went wrong and ensure that don’t fall into the same pit again.The next time you get a new job, evaluate everything that bothered you in this office, that would become your new non-negotiables.

We have gone in detail about the top things you should evaluate before accepting the next job offer. I honestly believe that prevention is better than cure. Keeping that in mind, here are few things to ensure you are not back in the between a rock and a hard place situation


  1. Instead of instant gratification of a short-term goal, think of the bigger picture of building your career. Personality test like the MindMatch assessment can help you evaluate what kind of career you are most suited for based on your psyche and inherent skills. The new age 21st-century AI-powered Recruitment platform SCIKEYprovides the candidates with the option to take MindMatch Assessment. It’s AI feature filters suggests job positions that are most compatible to you unlike any other job portal who just through jobs without understanding your inner you.


  1. Thoroughly research the company you are planning to join and evaluate job role, the team, and more. Remember, there are no stupid questions when it comes to making long-lasting career decisions.


  1. Once you know, what role you want to build your career around, you can start networking with people in that industry. Attend industry meet-ups, workshops or events and interview people who are already making strides in the field. Remember that you are not job hunting; you are here to build your career and relationships with people who can guide you correctly.

It is pretty cliché and typical to be wary of jobs very quickly and quit within four to six months. It could be either because you don’t like the job, or the company or the people with whom you are working. However, consider that as a learning phase or a minor blip on your radar. Learn from the mistakes you made here and ensure that you don’t make them again.

Always remember, your goal is not just getting your next job but build a Happy Career instead.



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