Time to gain wisdom – The COVID Times

The position of being in a state of education, knowledge or wisdom ultimately impacts our life significantly and here we shall talk on how to quickly convert your education to wisdom and become wiser to face the demanding real-life situations.

COVID19 has brought a defining change in the way world will be transformed. The real assessment of the tough times ahead is yet to be seen, but one thing is certain that tough times will teach us a lot more than what education has ever taught. Tough times always force us to gain more on wisdom, that goes way beyond knowledge, as while the knowledge is possessing a mental understanding of certain information. Wisdom is the practical ability to use our knowledge to make good decisions consistently throughout our life.

Education system world over systematically failed to impart wisdom to the students who merely got educated. Some lucky became knowledgeable enough to discuss, talk, argue or even get into activism for a cause, but wisdom is still a scarce commodity. We have also seen world leaders demonstrating lack of wisdom in certain critical decision making, resulting in their citizens to suffer while some leaders, howsoever less educated they may appear to be, stood tall by displaying high degree of wisdom in dealing with the same situation much better.

The position of being in a state of education, knowledge or wisdom ultimately impacts our life significantly and here we shall talk on how to quickly convert your education to wisdom and become wiser to face the demanding real-life situations.

Many of us would not even understand the difference between the three words. Let us decode them first. Education fills us up with information that may be right, wrong or disputed. Knowledge comes from constant learning and education. On the other hand, wisdom comes from day to day experience and is state of being wise. That is why Leonardo Da Vinci puts it so beautifully saying, Wisdom is the daughter of experience.

  1. Wisdom means humbleness and constant quest for education and knowledge – A formal education implants the seeds of wisdom in us, but our pride and ego of our qualification and knowledge that we have never experienced ourselves, makes us as illiterate as anyone can get. Humbleness keeps our mind open to constant learning and make best use of our education to convert our knowledge into wisdom. History keeps giving us several examples of arrogance and false pride that led to downfall of even the most powerful of empires.


  1. Wisdom means learning from experiences of others – Lessons in life will be repeated, until they are learned, said Frank Sonnenberg. However, It is not always necessary to experience everything yourself, but learning from experiences of others is always a better way. The current crisis situation of COVID19 is a great example of such a time when one can learn from the experiences of the others who experienced economic downturn and sailed through by taking necessary measures in time.



  1. Wisdom means preparing for the worst and working to achieve the best– Wisdom tells us that no tough situation lasts forever, but the mentally positive and tough people make the best of such situations and get best outcomes as the situation improves. Right wisdom is all about the ability to foresee the post crisis scenario and prepare for it pro-actively. One such thing can be openness to jobs beyond what you do or readiness to cut down your expectations and increase your value beyond what you do today.


  1. Wisdom means accepting the situation, but focusing your energies to come out of it – There is no point in crying on the misfortune that may fall on you, rather use every means to focus your energies on what can you do best in any crisis situation. This can mean inculcating good habits, quitting or moving away from anything that is wasteful or unhealthy and leading yourself as an example. 



  1. Wisdom means, readiness to unlearn and question your knowledge that did not come from experience – The world is changing very rapidly and what you learned earlier may not be of much value in future. Constant questioning on every piece of knowledge that is important to you leads you to challenge your existing abilities. Such a challenge makes you to unlearn and relearn things better than what you did earlier and thereby helping you improve your value even more. The most important thing that a professional is valued for is their real-life experience and can that add value to business and there is no substitute for it.


  1. Above all, Wisdom results in calmness and readiness to help – It is a known principle of goodness. You do good to someone and it comes back to you. Do not allow any crisis situation to come in your way to be good to those who deserve your goodness. Our societies, businesses and governments always run on trust that is an outcome of goodness and values that people like us build by returning goodness that we received. 


While education sows the seed to become knowledgeable, surviving tough times need wisdom more than anything else. It is high time to upgrade your education to knowledge and knowledge to wisdom as much as you can. The changed world will certainly become a better place to live for all of us and help us to be happier.



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