Does this COVID19 cloud also have a silver lining?

This COVID19 outbreak has also helped us realise how strong & determined we can be in such challenging times and how even the otherwise seemingly difficult habits or preferences can be changed.

I have been very disturbed could not even sleep for the last few nights, said my one of my friends who called me last evening. He has been quite disturbed with this ongoing sad saga of the Covid19. Is he alone in feeling this way, no; as all of us are doing our best to deal with the feelings of unusual fear, sadness, anxiety, restlessness, loss of motivation hope owing to the drastic impact of this global pandemic of COVID19 outbreak around the world. I am sure at some point of time the questions like will I get sick too, how do I protect my family, will I lose my job source of income, will my business survive this global economic downturn and what if I die, have all crossed our mind. In fact to be very honest with you, it did actually occur to me that I do not even have my ‘will’ ready I must get one in place soon, in the best interest of my family.

However, as they say; Adversity builds Character. And, as we try to think deeper to figure out if this COVID19 episode is all about gloom doom alone, I think our heart will lead us to the deeper wisdom the right answers. Don’t you think, had it not been for the Corona virus, most of us had already forgotten the existence of the supreme power above all and that we are so much dependent on something so much bigger and beyond our imagination control. In fact I can totally relate this to a trending tweet recently that read “We lost the control of the epidemic. We died physically mentally, we don’t know what to do more. All the solution on earth has ended. The only solution is to the sky.” In another similar tweet it read – “We have lost it on Earth, We now seek mercy from the skies.”

Wont you all agree with me when I say, this whole tragic episode of COVID19 outbreak made us genuinely appreciate the value of the freedom, good health, family, relationships, our job, our community such so many important things in life that we had otherwise totally forgotten to acknowledge appreciate. Did it not help us put aside all our problems realise that this life has so many beautiful things to care about. And, above all; the mother nature ended up reclaiming the due contribution that we have otherwise always been avoiding ignoring. The air, the water bodies, the natural reserves are less polluted now.

This COVID19 outbreak has also helped us realise how strong determined we can be in such challenging times and how even the otherwise seemingly difficult habits or preferences can be changed. I am sure most of us do appreciate that it also brought out the “resourceful genie” that was otherwise hiding somewhere within us all the time. We have all learnt so many new things right from using the new tools, the positive use of internet social media, the power of software, platforms etc that enable us not only to stay connected with our loved ones when social distancing is such a critical mandate but also help us make the best of the requirements of “remote working”.

This is a Pause RESET phase. The world is changing now it will never be the same again. These critical needs of prolonged social distancing, remote working, prolonged lockdowns being enforced, the sudden yet stern restrictions on domestic as well as international travel, the emergence of new technology tools to enable employees to remotely operate almost as usual (at least in the information technology space), with all of us getting more cognisant of the fact that a lot of things can be achieved meetings executed without necessarily being physically present, more more employers businesses being forced to adopt the idea of accepting remote working support; and being more considerate towards the idea of adopting or at least trying the options available outside of the mainstream channels of the full-time talent available; will fuel a massive change leading to an emergence of completely new trends, best practices risk-mitigation strategies with a lot more moving onto the cloud being accessed over the internet(online).

Will we able to witness experience this change? Hell Yes. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Stay Home, Stay Safe.




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