IWD 2021 - 16

"Take hold of the little moments; they'd make a lifetime of memories," Namita Pasbola, Senior Manager Human Resources - HurixDigital.

Vacation is a time when I reminisce about my childhood days. A time when we had two months dedicated to our summer vacations with no responsibilities whatsoever. These were vacations that we didn't have to earn. It was a time we got for ourselves.

Growing up, my parents gave me both the space and liberty to make my own choices, and I was taught to take responsibility for them. So, I learned from my mistakes and the experiences of others. I had a sense of integrity in everything I did, both big and small, without worrying about the consequences. I soon realized that you get the outcome you want when you have the right intention, approach, and attitude.

I had my own set of struggles after graduation due to certain health issues; I had a setback for two years. But, with the help of my family and friends, I could overcame that dark phase and put it behind me. From then on, there was no looking back.

I am blessed to have a strong family ecosystem with whom I cherish the small moments, capitalize on opportunities and make each other's lives happy, which automatically helps me strike a balance between work and personal life. And while I have this drive in me to be a perfectionist, I understand sometimes we have to learn to let go and look at the larger objective in life.

Instead of creating a divide between the two aspects of life, i.e., personal and professional, I try to learn to inculcate the right approach in both. We should try to bring about constant learning in our personal lives. In contrast, we need to be fun and compassionate at work. Prioritizing and involving people makes professional life simpler.

My family, is my biggest source of strength. They are supportive of my erratic ways, timings, thought processes, and success. This is the only reason I have been able to pave the path I did. I draw my inspiration from my parents, especially my father. Since social media personal experiences increases awareness to people and lifestyles, we also draw inspiration from the underprivileged society—people who have less than what we have and have learned the art of cherishing it. When we see the challenges they have to face to get two meals a day, we learn to preserve what we have and do better.

One of the places I observe challenges in is our workspaces. This usually revolves around an individual’s gender. As times have changed, we need to evolve our thinking and embrace GENDER IDENTITY in a sensible and sensitive manner. Today, no form of training/workshops are undertaken to sensitise people and uproot any unconscious biases. There are a few corporates attempting initiatives, however, while we can’t expect a tectonic mind change from people we can definitely have policies in place to safeguard employees against untoward biases.

If I had a superpower, it would be to transfer my superpowers to other women too. This would allow them to do whatever they wish to, without any judgments—a day when they could fulfil their most desired wishes.


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