Arnee Ismail, Sr. Manager - Brand, PR, Communication - FWD Takaful, Malaysia

Arnee tells us how she is living and breathing her current company’s brand.

As you embrace your 15th year as a brand communication professional, please give us a glimpse of your journey.

I’m thankful for my experiences and the journey I’ve taken to get to where I am today. Having worked in many organisations to date, one of the challenges I’ve had to face is different leadership styles of managers. Some were great teachers; others were less of it. Nonetheless, dealing with various working styles has given me insights on what I feel makes a great leader and what doesn’t.
It has also taught me how to manage different situations in line with varying styles of management, even more so in a middle management position where you manage not only the top but also the bottom. I understand what it feels like to be taking directions, as well as to be the one guiding and leading the team. When dealing with difficult situations, I often ask myself, “How would I feel if I was in the other person’s shoes? How would I like to be responded to?”. With this in mind, I pull myself together to understand the challenges faced by the team and management and work alongside them to find the best possible solution for every obstacle we face.

Describe what does #SheTakesTheLead means to you?

In my humble opinion, #SheTakestheLead is when a strong-headed woman can strike the perfect balance in showing her strength as a leader but also showcase a woman’s natural instincts to guide and nurture her people. She must be able to lead her team to let them see the bigger picture. Why they need to give it their all to ensure their contribution carries weight, as well as helping management understand why and how each function needs to carry out their roles to support the objectives of the business.
Though I’ve still much to learn to become a real leader, my adventures have shaped me into the current “leader” that I am today. Leaders not only need to be well-rounded but also flexible to adapt to change in bringing the best out of their people and organisations.
As a “growing” leader, I always make an effort to live and breathe the company’s brand. I strive to understand where the company and brand need to get to and work on developing creative and communication strategies to boost awareness and grow the company into a leading brand.



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