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Set up in 2018 by Basab and Aditi Banerjee, the mission of Magic Billion is to mainstream the demand supply gap of skilled workers from India to overseas markets - and bring the Magic of a Billion Indians to the World!

Our value proposition:

1. Collaborate to understand your unique manpower needs
We recognise that every client has very specific needs, driven by their business. Thus, we will work closely with you to achieve a common understanding of the type and number of manpower requirements including knowledge, skill and attitude components.

2. Design focussed mobilisation, skilling and certification
Once we know your needs, we detail out job roles and connect with high quality Indian training partners to design a program which would produce talent tailored to your requirement. We encourage client iterations during various stages of this process, including site visits.

3. Dispatch workforce and provide post placement support
We underst

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