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Top 8 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid During A Job Interview | Interview Tips | Simplilearn

Viplov Kumar
Published on 03 Sep 2021 / In Personal Development

This Simplilearn video on the Top 8 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid During A Job Interview will acquaint you with the dos and don'ts to be taken care of while giving an interview. Here, you will receive a bunch of interview tips that will help you crack your next interview!

An interview is the most challenging round of any hiring process. Even after extensive preparation, many candidates end up being rejected because of some common mistakes. Furthermore, in the current competitive times, even a single blunder can cost you your dream job. Hence it’s crucial to understand how to avoid some common mistakes in your job interview. So, here we are to help you with that! Today we bring you this informative video on Mistakes to avoid during a job interview.

✅ 00:00 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid During A Job Interview

00:44 Interview Mistake 1: Going Unprepared
As a job-seeker, it is highly displeasing to not quite answer job-description-related questions. To avoid this mistake, make sure to carry good research about the company. Analyze responsibilities for the specific position you’re applying for, and also grasp the knowledge of what recruiters are expecting from you. After this, make sure to craft answers for some generic questions beforehand.

✅ 01:27 Interview Mistake 2: Reaching late for an interview
This shows that the candidate is not well-disciplined and time-punctual. To circumvent this obstacle, make sure you reach 10 minutes earlier to your interview location. If it's a virtual interview, try to log in 5 to 10 minutes before the interview time. However, if any emergency pops up and you think you will be unable to join your interview on time, then don’t hesitate to drop an email to your recruiters asking them to kindly reschedule the interview.

✅ 02:01 Mistake 3: Impolite Greeting
An impolite greeting without proper eye contact can shrink your chances of getting hired. So to avoid this, make sure to confidently greet recruiters with a firm handshake at the very moment you walk into that interview room. If it's a virtual interview, then there are limitations to communicate with body language.

✅ 02:32 Interview Mistake 4: Inappropriate Dressing
If you show up looking dishevelled for your interview, then you are making a bad impression even before introducing yourself. To evade this common mistake, it is critical to dress appropriately. We prefer you to read the company's dress code policies and choose your attire accordingly.

✅ 02:57 Interview Mistake 5: Lack of Soft Skills
In pursuit of mastering hard skills, many of us overlook the importance of soft skills. These skills refer to various personality traits which are vital in the work environment. And communication skill is one of the must-have soft-skills for acing interviews. Having strong communication skills will boost your chances of getting hired. You can use mobile applications like Cambly to communicate with English trainers to improve your language skills.

✅ 03:33 Interview Mistake 6: Lack of Energy during the Interview
If you are not charged or excited about a job, then it’s likely to appear in your posture, tone, and body language. On the other hand, if you show more enthusiasm, then it can also distract the interviewer from your answers. So, to eliminate this scenario in your upcoming interviews, make sure to match the interviewer's energy and keep a positive attitude throughout the session. Maintain your composure, use appropriate gestures while answering questions.

✅ 04:25 Interview Mistake 7: Not Paying Attention
If this happens during an interview, you might miss the questions the interviewer is asking. Or worse, the interviewer can notice that you are not paying attention and can disqualify you. To avoid this, make sure you listen effectively throughout the interview. If you are giving virtual interviews, background noise or network problems can divert you from the interview session. So it’s crucial to fix these issues.

✅ 05:04 Interview Mistake 8: Not asking the Right Questions
Every interviewer winds up the interview by asking, “Do you have any questions for me?”. Rejecting to take advantage of this opportunity is a grave mistake. It sends the message that you are not interested in knowing more about the company. So, to elude this common mistake, make sure to ask relevant questions.

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