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Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers | Big Data Interview Questions |Hadoop Certification Question

Published on 04 Mar 2021 / In Other

⁣In this hadoop interview questions and answers you will learn the latest and top questions asked by companies for hadoop interview. This big data interview questions video covers all kinds of questions starting from basic to advanced questions so that you can get benefited. We can assure you that if you watch this hadoop certification question video completely you can crack any big data hadoop job interview easily.
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⁣👉Following topics are covered in this video:
00:00​ - Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers
01:00​ - What are the differences between Hadoop and Spark?
02:21​ - What are the real time industry applications of Hadoop?
03:22​ - How is Hadoop different from other parallel computing systems?
05:11​ - In what all modes Hadoop can be run?
07:12​ - What are the Operating systems on which Hadoop works?
07:54​ - What is distributed cache? What is its benefits?
09:35​ - Explain the difference between NameNode, Checkpoint NameNode, and Backup Node.
12:30​ - What are the most common input formats in Hadoop?
13:25​ - Define DataNode. How does NameNode tackle DataNode failures?
15:04​ - What are the core methods of Reducer?
16:34​ - What is a SequenceFile in Hadoop?
17:44​ - What is the role of a JobTracker in Hadoop?
19:17​ - What is the use of RecordReader in Hadoop?
20:04​ - What is Specultive Execution in Hadoop?
21:40​ - What happens if you try to run a Hadoop job with an output directory that is already present?
22:37​ - How can you Debug Hadoop Code?
24:22​ - How to configure Replication factor in HDFS?
25:31​ - How to Compress a Mapper output not touching Reducer output?
26:15​ - What are the difference between Map-side join and Reduce-side Join?
27:28​ - How can you transfer data from Hive to HDFS?
28:17​ - Which companies use Hadoop?
30:52​ - Do you have any experience working in the same industry as ours before?
32:17​ - What is your plan after joining for hadoop developer role?
33:25​ - Have you earned any sort of certification to improve your learning and implementation process?

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