10 Most Scariest Tourist Attractions In The World

Aaron Nason
Published on 09 Feb 2021 / In Travel & Events

Hello everyone, be ready and sit tight because we are going to virtually experience some of the most scariest attractions of the world. Which will boost your adrenaline and give you goosebumps.

Number 1: Japan Suicide Forest

Aokigahara also known as the ‘Sea of trees’ or ‘Suicide forest’ is located in the Japan on the northwestern flank of Mount Fuji, thriving on 30 square kilometres.

Number 2: Paris Catacomb

Capital of France, Paris is one of the most beautiful and famous city in the world. Paris has many caves and architect but we are talking about the cave which has vast history and is one of the scariest place in the Paris. This is none other than The Catacomb of Paris.

Number 3: 500 foot High Gap Bridge, China

The Chinese tourism industry is determined to give visitors the exhilarating feeling that they might plummet to their deaths at any moment. This is certainly the case with the Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park, which is home to a gap bridge, swings, and a cantilevered glass bridge — each
hovering hundreds of feet up in the air.

Number 4: Huashan Cliffside Path

Located about an hour from Xi'an, one of China's most popular cities for tourists, Mount Huashan Plank Walk, or Huashan Cliffside Path is consider as one of the most dangerous hike in the world.

Number 5: Island of Dolls

A few miles from heart of Mexico city there is La Isla de las Muñecas , the Island of Dolls, where 1,000 of dolls hang from the trees. The Island is located in the channels of Xochimilco, outside of Mexico’s capital. This Island is truly stuff of pure terror.

Number 6: Darvaza Gas Crater

The Darvaza gas crater also known as the Door to Hell or Gates of Hell, is a natural gas field collapsed into a cavern in Darvaza, Turkmenistan.

Number 7: Worlds Tallest Glass Bottomed Bridge, China

Zhangjiajie Glass Footpath is a skywall bridge in Zhangjiajie, Hunan, above the Wulingyuan area which is also known as Glass Bottomed Bridge.

Number 8: Lake Natron, Tanzania

Lake Natron is known to be one of the most inhospitable places for a majority of fauna in the continent of Africa. With a pH that can reach levels as high as 12, and scorching temperatures reaching up to 60 °C (140 °F), the lake can literally burn your skin off.

Number 9: Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia, USA

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is one of the most allegedly haunted areas in West Virginia containing a lot of secrets from the years of the Civil War up toward the closing in 1994.

Number 10: Death Road, Bolivia

The Yungas Road which is nicknamed as Death road is a route about 60km long which links the city of La Paz and Yungas region of Bolivia.

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