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10 Common Interview Questions and Answers in English | Job Interview Tips | ChetChat English

Abhinav Patil
Published on 24 Aug 2021 / In Other

Click on this video for 10 most important interview questions, researched and shortlisted the 10 most commonly asked challenging, interview questions, their answers with Simple English sentences to answer these questions, and the STAR technique (to help you answer any situation based question very easily), and one Bonus Tip. This video will be your Ultimate Interview Cheat Sheet on ChetChat to crack any interview.

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Next week I have an interview
And there’s so much material to go through
What questions they’ll ask, I do not know.
I am the best one for the job, I need to show
I am nervous, biting my thumbnail.
I feel jittery and my confidence is frail.
What if there was one single source
That could point me towards the right course
Whatever be my specialization
It would give me the best foundation
Simple Answers I would be knowing
And now c’mon let’s get going

Watch The Video -- Why Should We Hire You? - Best Answer for Freshers & Experienced People - https://youtu.be/Ix9msJx9e5s

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Full transcript of the video is available here - https://chetchat.in/top-10-job....-interview-questions

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