SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform is a Managed Talent Marketplace that enables employers globally, to build & manage productive teams. With its online platform powered by AI & platform-enabled services, Intelligent Automation and patented “SCIKEY MindMatch” algorithm; it simplifies how businesses contract or employ the best quality talent anywhere, while focusing on leveraging the talent mindset (psyche) as their prime competitive advantage. 
SCIKEY’s mission is to provide the best cost, plenty of choices & unmatched convenience to the employers across the globe, in employing or contracting the best quality talent On Premise, Offshore as well as in a Remote engagement. Our awesome team has years of experience in managing and governing offshore and remote workforce and a solid background of technology consulting and product development.


Shriram Viswanathan

Expert in building globally scalable software systems, with nearly three decades of technology industry global experience added with product design, validation and launch expertise.


Karunjit Kumar Dhir

Expert in business planning, building new markets & winning teams ground up, with two decades of technology product, consulting and solutions business development experience in global markets. 


Akshay Sharma

Expert data scientist & an IIT Post Graduate with deep expertise in technology research, data modelling & passion for tech startups with patents to his name. He is based out of Finland.

Founder & Investor

Alok Kumar

Investor, mentor & psychology enthusiast wIth three decades of technology industry, startup and leadership experience with multiple global companies.  Expert in startups, he is an author of several books.


Santosh Panicker

Renouned HR & globalization expert. More than two decades of experience in in managing global teams.

MD - Europe

Timo Nieminen

Startup evangelist with nearly three decades of global experience in starting and running companies in the EU.


Marcel Gasser

Well known speaker, mentor and startup expert from Switzerland with several startup successes to his credit.


Kesavan Srinivasan

More than two decades of global experience in product development and technology solutioning.

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