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SCIKEY is powerpacked when it comes to feature list that automates the hiring process to save time and improve quality for contract & full time hiring globally. You get Entire Recruitment Automation platform, ATS, Resume databank, Vendor management, employee referrals and much more in single system. 
Employers get added advantage of SCIKEY Talent Community that gives them opportunity to brand and check out the candidates before engaging.

Job Posting Module

A company needs to register only once. The login ID provides access to the platform hiring module and also allows the administrator to create new IDs who will access, create jobs and manage hiring and contracting through the platform. The Admin ID will be able to see the complete portfolio of jobs and progress on their dashboard while the individual under the Admin while others only view and action the one they have created themselves. For example: Admin is the Recruitment head who has given access to five of his recruiters. Each recruiter can only see and action their own posted jobs while Admin can view and action on all.

Creating a JOB on SCIKEY is very easy. The platform gives immense opportunities to provide every possible details for the job needed but can be quickly created by providing few basics. AI engine can automatically pick the keywords from the Job Description file and create search strings that become the basis of job search and rating the candidate on the platform. This automation reduces the time to create a Job on the platform. This search string can also be modified by the recruiter to become more specific and get better search results.

SCIKEY provides a unique model that can handle Full time hire and contractual staffing on the same platform for multiple geographies. Based on the type of hire, platform automatically moves the process on different tracks. For a full time hire, the platform sends the alert to crowd who can provide full time resources resumes and also notifies candidates in database who are only looking for a full time job as per the job posted. For Contractual hire, a different crowd set is notified while the rates on the candidate cards are also updated accordingly.

The process of hire takes the recruiter to selection and onboarding route while that of contract takes to the process of candidate rate approval and contract onboarding. Currencies and processes for the selected countries are automatically updated.

Companies spend a lot of money on branding themselves to attract talent. SCIKEY provides in-build branding provisions on the platform while creating the job. For each job, companies can provide their website links, specific video links that talks about their company or the job and any material that can help candidate decide to apply for the job with a positive mind.

‘POWER SEARCH’ is a unique Google search like feature of SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform that brings the power of Artificial intelligence to the benefit of recruiters. Searching, scanning for keywords in the resume and automatic rating of the resume relevance based on those keywords is the job that Power Search does. This feature scans millions of global resumes in few seconds and show only the most relevant from the group. Recruiters thereafter can use their personal discretion to get the best out of the relevant ones brough out by the Power Search feature.

Once a job is created, a recruiter gets options to share the same through a link by posting it on their Facebook page, LinkedIn or Twitter post. The link can be freely shared over email, What’sApp and SMS and potential candidates can be directly reached out for inviting them to apply to the job.

Job Posting

Talent Sourcing Module

SCIKEY has its 'Crowd Sourced' resume database that has been contributed by candidates and crowd partners over period of time and has over a million resumes from several countries. SCIKEY Resume database consists the resume, but also has its psychometry 'MindMatch' data (for candidates who have opted to attempt the assessment). Each of the resume has been analysed by AI engine and categorised based on domain and keywords that help in quick sorting of matching resumes for any job posted. Candidate history on previous jobs where-ever they have opted also is available in the database. With the platform reaching out to more and more candidates directly and sellers (Talent Partners), this platform will have a very strong, high quality and active set of resumes that companies can take benefit from.

Crowd in SCIKEY is highly organised and consists of individuals and talent consultants from across the spectrum. SCIKEY Seller team is dedicated to develop and engage these talent sellers so that they remain valuable to our clients. These individuals or companies offer resumes that as per them match to the job requirement from their own network and pool of resumes. Since each Talent Seller is given a dedicated ‘Resume Vault’ they can upload and reuse the resumes without any fear of the same resume being duplicated or copied by anyone. In case any other talent seller uploads the same resume, system prompts that it is already available in the database and does not allow duplicate records to be created. This way, SCIKEY ensures that the talent sellers offer only unique resumes/ talent and at the same time protects their contribution till the time they remain on the platform as a talent seller.

SCIKEY recognises that the most relevant resumes comes from Employee referrals and it is always most cost effective to engage employees to attract their friends and families to apply for jobs that their company is posting. SCIKEY Employee referral system provides a unique method of sharing all or selected jobs with employees and tracking their progress electronically. It ensures that both the employee as well as candidate referred are always updated on the progress of the job closure. SCIKEY also ensures that once any employee refers a friend, they get tagged with their resume and if their friend ever gets a job in future in the company, the employee can be shared the rewards company decides for employee referral program. 

SCIKEY acts like an aggregator for all resumes from any source and tags them perfectly by telling users the source of resumes. Companies who are working with manpower consulting companies who provide them with resume on emails, can easily use SCIKEY to route all such resume contributions. SCIKEY ensures that every contribution is immediately checked for duplicate records and eliminates the effort of tracking duplicate resumes. SCIKEY also keeps the vendor updated about the progress of their contribution and tags these resumes in their name. Each vendor is tracked separately in SCIKEY and keeps a clean record of each one of their contribution, outcomes of the resumes as well as automated sharing of the openings to the vendors.

In future, or as per the policy of the company, if a vendor referred candidate is hired in the organisation, they can get their due without any ambiguity. SCIKEY reduces record keeping and tracking efforts significantly. 

Companies sit on thousands of resumes of candidates but rarely use them. They keep going back to job boards and keep downloading resumes again and again for similar jobs across the year. SCIKEY provides a unique facility of ‘Company Resume Vault‘ that facilitates companies to upload their own database on SCIKEY and system automatically picks up relevant resumes from the collection whenever there is a new job posted. SCIKEY also shows the source of the data if that comes from SCIKEY database, vendor, employee referral, vendor or from company own ‘Resume Vault’.

SCIKEY provides integration of popular job boards with their database on case to case basis and making this integration easy. 

SCIKEY, like any other job board ensures that jobseekers from across the board can directly apply on the platform against a job or directly to be part of the SCIKEY Talent Resume database. The system provides various methods to ensure jobseeker’s direct participation. Any job that gets listed on SCIKEY can be posted on all popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Jobs. Recruiters posting a job can also send the URL of the JD to masses through email by sharing the link of the job. SCIKEY does not stop here. It tracks activities from every source where the job is posted through the URL and social media and provides an interesting insight on what social media platform is working for that job and company most. While candidates can directly post their resumes on the job, their resumes gets star rated that supports recruiters in avoiding junk that comes with such mass sharing of job.

Talent Sourcing

Candidate Shortlisting Module

With millions of resumes and several different sources, the biggest challenge for companies is to select the most suited ones from the lot. SCIKEY doe this job very efficiently using its core AI engine that reads every resume and tracks the keywords as well as their relevance to give a rating from 1 to 5 and displays the same on candidate card. There are three different listing that SCIKEY Provides

Power Search: This is a list of all resumes that match the keywords from every data source. This listing is like Google but does not provide any ranking to the resumes searched.

Resume Search: This search becomes specific and ranks every resume for the relevance on the skills asked by the Job posted. The rating of 1 to 5 stars can help recruiters only in picking up the best matches. In case the candidate is already undergoing another interview in the same organisation or same job by another recruiter, the candidate card points that out as well.

Automated interactive calling on candidate phone (IVR-Interactive voice Response) is one of the most innovative feature of SCIKEY that has reduced the time by 95% to reach out to candidates and get their acceptance for appearing in job interview process. SCIKEY gives triple advantage to recruiters by this feature.

Speed and Reach: IVR message from SCIKEY that is currently available in India and Malaysia only, reaches out to hundreds of candidates in parallel giving unprecedented reach. Recruiter has a capacity to call out 20 job seekers in a day while IVR can call out thousands of job seekers in a minute.

Data Collection: IVR system in parallel collects several data from candidates and updates them in database as the most current one. The key data collected includes their acceptance for interview, their current salary, their experience, their notice period and willingness to work in the city for that job. Those candidates who refuse for the interview are not disturbed again while those who did not pick the call are called back few more time to get their willingness and provide key data.

Decision Enabling: Based on the willingness of the candidate and data captured, SCIKEY automatically analyses their fitment with the job posted and gives a rating that enables recruiters to reach out to the best fit and follow through with the rest. System also takes away the mismatched resumes based on the input provided that can be analysed by recruiters later.

Source of resumes are important to track the best performing source for any talent selection process. Following sources are indicated on the platform:

Direct SCIKEY Database; Social Media; Employee Referral; Vendor contributed; Client resume Data Vault and Talent Sellers.

SCIKEY AI Engine does various other checks like de-duplication of resumes as well as checks if the blacklisted colleges, universities and companies are not coming on their resumes. In case of duplication, system rejects uploading of the resume or raises an alarm for system administrator to resolve. In case of black list data match (Only available in India), candidate card indicates ‘Caution’ symbol for employers to have their own check before taking forward the resume. 

Contracting is managed as efficiently as full time hire in SCIKEY. Candidates are picked up based on their preference and willingness to take up contracting job openings. Accordingly, the candidate card shows the cost of the candidate initially as a range in some cases where SCIKEY data is yet to be updated by the candidate or the Talent Seller or vendor providing the talent. As soon as the rate data is confirmed, it reflects on the candidate card automatically.

Contracting jobs require the availability option of the candidates that too is provided on the candidate card for easy reference. 

The inbuilt psychometry assessment 'MindMatch' if attempted by candidates (optional during registration of candidates)  provides a detailed matching with the behavior needed for the job (Updated during job creation). 'MindMatch Search' feature, that is the highest level of search that does everything as per resume search as well as matches the candidates behavioural mindset to that of job demand. MindMatch parameters are part of job posting and SCIKEY picks that data to match such resumes where candidate has attempted the MindMatch psychometric assessment.

Candidate Shortlisting

Hiring Workflow Module

SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform has complete ATS (Application tracking System) inbuilt that makes the journey of job posting to on boarding ‘All in One‘ platform. SCIKEY Workflow provides the freedom to recruiters to decide their own company hiring and contract staffing workflows and add the same in the process of Job posting. Each company can have multiple workflows created and configured that can be added to a job right in the beginning.

A Workflow once selected and committed for a job posted, cannot be changed thereafter as it will disturb all the linkages. However, freedom is given to recruiter to manage the available steps in whatever way they deem suitable.

Hiring process is rarely the same for companies and even within a company for different level of employees. For contractual workforce the process may again be different to a full time employee hiring. SCIKEY provides companies freedom to design and deploy several workflows for their hiring needs. Each workflow comes with an option to add up to 99 (Ninety nine) stages; more than enough for any stage of hiring. Employers can create a two stage or more workflow that then enables the automation of the company desired hiring process.

The hiring process can be better explained with an illustration. A process can start with sourcing the resumes, shortlisting them, sending for first round of testing followed by next stage of interview and the final interview. After the final interview, the next stage can be salary negotiation followed by sending offers and getting acceptance. Each stage in this process can have different and multiple owners. SCIKEY Workflow ensures that every option gets captured and entire process automated with timely email triggers, email based responses and queue jumping provisions if anyone decides to close things faster.

SCIKEY Workflows have tremendous capabilities to make selection process easy. Recruiters can integrate assessments or tests through SCIKEY Assessment engine or even linkup their own assessments at any stage in the workflow through URL links.

Companies who wish to have SCIKEY MindMatch assessment taken as part of their hiring process can attach it at any stage of the workflow. 
Workflows can be enriched by creating 'Callouts', reminders and much more.

SCIKEY Makes it easy for recruiters to expose the platform to first time and rare users like interview panels, by sending them system generated emails with call for action.

Emails with Job details, candidate details and action needed is sent to recruitment panel for the stage the recruiter sets an individual. Email only asks for basic things like candidate interview accepted or rejected and a simple comment. The email data automatically updates SCIKEY without the need to login. This feature enables SCIKEY to involve any number of people involved in selection process without any learning curve. 

Candidate experience is important for any successful hiring process.
The most important part of experience is regular feedback to the candidate on their application and selection for the job. It is understood that less than 10% companies even bother to update candidates who have been rejected in the interview process. It is left to them to understand if they do not get any information for sometime. However, companies who update candidates on their outcome stand a better chance to get recommendations even from those who did not qualify.

SCIKEY automatically updates candidates through emails on their candidature and progress on the selection process. Candidates can also go on their dashboard to view the state in which their candidature is for the jobs they have applied.

SCIKEY is end to end talent solution for hiring and contracting need that is both a Marketplace as well as a SaaS platform. The platform provides enough features to intake and store candidate’s data and documents that it is not necessary for recruiters to look for any other system to do that.

Hiring Workflow

Addon Modules 

With Employee Referral module, companies can seamlessly integrate their referral program with SCIKEY and keep track of every active employee who referrs the most. System automatically keeps them updated of the progress on their reference. 

Integarte your vendors for contracting as well as hiring, all in one place. Ensure that the resumes submitted them are automatically de-duped and only the unique one reaches you. You also show them the jobs you want them to participate while keeping them automatically informed of the outcome of their submitted resume. 

SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform provides Job Match insights for the candidate while the extension with Talent Alignment Platform (TAP) you can also understand their matching with the team and company values and vision. This saves a lot of effort mainly for mid to senior level hire where such a match can define success and failure. 

SCIKEY provides integration services with all HR systems including Job Boards and ATS solutions. SCIKEY provides its own API that can be used to integrate while specific integration is give as a service to any client on demand. 

SCIKEY Addon Modules

Perfect Integration

SCIKEY integrates with several ATS and Job boards

Social Media

HR Systems

Job Boards

ATS Systems

SCIKEY Demo Videos

Platform Demo Videos

If you are a company looking for full time hiring and contract hiring automation platform, your search ends here. Want to have a demo? We have all the demos captured in these guided videos. See the videos and try the platform by registering and using it completely free. 

Talent Commerce Platform

The three flavours to choose from - One or All

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