Junk the Search, Do Research

Junk the Search, Do Research – New Way of Finding the Best Fit Candidate Who Would Love to Join You

Recruiters and hiring managers are always on the hunt for those Top Talent and just to bag those crèmes of the crop, a little extra effort in researching the candidate beforehand can go a long way.

In 2016, CareerBuilder had surveyed nearly 2000 HR professionals and hiring managers and found that nearly 60% of employers use social networking platforms to research about the potential candidates.

2019 has already been the year of bringing new recruiting trends. Trends that are and will continue to significantly impact your business. If you want to keep your hiring game strong, then let us run through some important points on how to research candidates efficiently.


1.Strategy! Strategy! Strategy!

Your recruitment strategy should be in line with your business strategy. One of the biggest factors for company growth is Employee, hence hiring talent should be a strategic process. Understand the business objectives, sit talk in length with the department’s heads, managers who have given you the hiring requirement. Based on the discussion, strategize plan your hiring process that starts with creating a JD, to finding out where would you get the just the right fit talent till bringing the candidate onboard.


2.Dive into The Talent Pool

The talent pool is nothing but a database of all the top potential candidates including the ones that have previously applied for a job, candidates referred by internal employees, those on top of the field, and those who have willingly joined the list. The importance of having a talent pool becomes very beneficial when you have a job opening and you have the option of cherry-picking from the already relevant list of candidates.

3.Mutual Connects and References 

Ask around your extensive list of contacts in the corporate industry and rest assured you will have at least some mutual connects. It is a lot easier to get references about a potential candidate from mutual contacts than just relying on the information displayed on the candidate CV.

4.Hire your Friends

What is the advantage here when it comes to hiring your own friend? Well, the most important factor is that you already know your friend’s potential, you know them beyond their resume, his/her history thus you’re aware how they’ll react in tough circumstances can predict if can be right fit for your organization.


5.Use newer technologies to hire

It’s imperative nowadays to know candidate beyond resume. Resume is just tip of the ice berg. It can be easily faked, not deep diving deep land you in hiring the wrong candidate, this happens in 30% of the cases and “cost of bad hire” is one of the most daunting word for the recruiters. Explore newer recruiting solutions that are powered by AI, Blockchain and MindMatch algorithm. They can screen the candidate not only on basis of resume but also their inherent skills suggests just the right candidate profiles for the job title. This is how, you are reducing cost of bad hire by almost 50%.

6.Be Visible on Every Platform

Are you available on networking sites? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) If not, then now is the time, as your candidates are all over social networking sites. Be visible where your candidates are to reach and engage with them. Because of all the opportunities it offers, social recruiting has become one of the top 2019 recruitment trends.

We completely agree that recruiting is no rocket science but it’s not easy either. However, right methods of conducting research on your potential candidates will help you connect with them, engage with them, and understand the behavioral pattern before hiring. Don’t forget that if you are researching and digging out information about candidates, they are also somewhere researching on your organization or profile.


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