Sanjay Sahni, Executive Director Human Capital, TTEC

“The talent acquisition roadmap at ttec has changed drastically post Covid-19 and it is a paradigm shift in our approach” Sanjay Sahni, Executive Director Human Capital, TTEC

An experienced HR leader with about 24 years of work experience, Sanjay Sahni is currently working as Executive Director, Human Capital with US based MNC, TTEC India Customer Solutions Private Ltd. Awarded as one of the “50 Most Innovative HR Technology Leaders in Asia-Pacific” by World HRD Congress in February, 2017, He works towards building a cohesive work environment filled with Learning, Contribution and Enjoy@ work place and has proven track record in managing Strategic HR and Business HR role along with the end to end employee life cycle management. MBA from IGNOU and Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from IMT, Ghaziabad.


How different will be the talent acquisition roadmap talent requirements post corona from pre-COVID times at TTEC?

The talent acquisition roadmap and talent requirements have changed drastically post Covid-19 and it is a paradigm shift in our approach as a company as well as the way candidates would be looking at new job requirements.

As a company, we have made the following changes to ensure that we are meeting our deliverables and hiring the right talent from the available talent pool:


  1. All of our Talent Acquisition (TA) team members have been working from home on office PCs.


  1. They have been sourcing the right candidates through our website, vendors, employee referrals, job portals, database calling and administering the selection tests virtually.


  1. They have been conducting Personal Interviews (PI) as well as final interview via Zoom meeting.


  1. All the documents such as Offer letter, Benefits and other guidelines are being shared virtually.


We are also looking at the right candidates who are:


  1. Flexible to work from home (WFH) currently and will be working from the office once the situation becomes normal.


  1. Interested in WFH arrangement on an ongoing basis.


  1. Tech-savvy and should have good internet/broadband connection at home which is essential for them to work from home effectively.


  1. Resilient and mentally strong to sail through the current situation.


  1. Able to comprehend and absorb training inputs which will also be conducted virtually.

All of the changes mentioned above have been helping us to be future-ready and ensure that we are able to attract and onboard the best talent from PAN India. This requires more use of technology but with more connections with the candidates, so that we can make the entire selection process comfortable for them.


What are some of the digital and HR technology innovations deployments you’ve had to bring in to adapt to the new normal?


  1. We have brought in the following digital and HR technology innovations and deployments to adapt to the new normal:


  1. We have enabled all our employees to work from home and helped them with all the hardware set-up, troubleshooting for any technical issues on an ongoing basis and helping with the broadband/internet at the employee’s home if required.


  1. We have been holding Zoom meetings to manage the productivity and performance.


  1. We have been using Zoom meetings for skip level meetings, open house discussions and resolving their concerns through an online ticketing system.


  1. Managing the employees’ attendance and leaves from the backend for 2,300+ employees and processing the payroll on time during this period.


  1. Communicating with the employee regularly over email, SMS, voice call, WhatsApp group for different teams and keeping them informed about any changes or critical communication.


What are some of the vital impact measures you are tracking with respect to employee engagement and productivity?

We have taken the following impact measures for tracking the employee engagement and productivity:


  1. Connecting with the employees on a regular basis and helping them proactively.


  1. Sharing positive communications to stay positive, healthy and manage the work-life balance effectively etc.


  1. Ensuring shift adherence and completion of log-in hours as per policies.


  1. Ensuring the reiteration and adherence to all the company’s policies and taking the required corrective action for any infractions to set the right example.


  1. Ensuring 100% adherence to all the policies related to information security which becomes more critical when all the employees are working from home.


  1. All the leaders have been working closely with their teams to keep their morale and performance high.


  1. Putting all the bottom performers in a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and supporting them to improve their performance.


What are the initiatives or steps you’ve taken to address employee issues remotely?

We have taken the following initiatives to address our employee issues effectively:


  1. Connecting with the employees to check on their safety and well-being and sharing the contact details of the HR team in case of any difficulty.


  1. Regular interactions with the employees and the leadership team to resolve their issues related to Leaves/Attendance/Performance/Absenteeism/ Behavior/Salary/Benefits/Separation etc. to ensure increased employee satisfaction.


  1. Facilitated Tiffin services as well as alternate PG accommodations for a few of the outstation employees who had some issues.


  1. Tracking all Covid-19 positive employees as well as the employees under home-quarantine due to State Govt. guidelines for travelling from affected areas.


  1. Providing the support under Mediclaim insurance to the employees in case of any hospitalization of self or any of their family members.


  1. Resolving all the Human Resources (HR) related tickets raised by the employees in a timely manner.



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