Power Chat with Saswati Sinha, Head HR – Cheil India

Fun & thoughtful interaction with SCIKEY, Saswati Sinha, shares her quirky under wraps thoughts of her HR ride.

Fun thoughtful interaction with SCIKEY, Saswati Sinha, shares her quirky under wraps thoughts of her HR ride.

The Described Thoughts:


What steps do leaders need to take to maintain business as usual as much as possible while maintaining the employee experience considering current crisis?

Leaders have to now lead by example as a mandate and follow the rationale of ‘collective intelligence’. Given the fact that things are changing every day, one cannot any longer be a leader just by ‘ladder’. The junior most talent too needs to be engaged to lead with the power of group intelligence. Along with it leaders also have to ensure that the right talent is being retained. In all the chaos and uncertainty sometimes the best talent leave the organisation.

Empathy, collaboration, agility- these words have a new meaning now and needs to be practised in every action to ensure that employees are motivated, aligned and in sync with the organisation mission.


Does Succession planning has now become more important the most imperative activity for sustainable future of HR, especially when companies are not considering new hiring working on optimizing the available resource, what’s your view on it?

Succession planning has always been important but I feel that the definition has now transformed. In traditional terminology succession planning implied backfilling leadership roles with internal talent rather than hiring from outside. In today’s world its more about backfilling the skill and competency rather than just the role. Roles are evolving and changing every day. What is critical for the organisation to succeed is that we have an up-skilled talent pool who can step into the required skill and competencies whenever there is a vacuum.



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