GR Reddy, Founder – HUSYS and GYMIN Sports

“With COVID outbreak and WFH has been tested by everyone, the importance of GIG working emerged faster than what I anticipated.” GR Reddy, Founder – HUSYS & GYMIN Sports

In an exclusive interaction with SCIKEY, GR Reddy Talks about what would be the Gig RR work models in corona economy his plans of building the future Sport Stars for India Creating Olympians by 2032.


  1. According to you, where do you think Startups SMEs need the intervention of the HR consultants?

 More than HR Consultants, Startups SME’s need HR partners who not just gives Gyan but adds value real operational efficiency. Startup SME’s needs more of partners in HR who can guide and build the best organisation by empowering the businesses owners at the beginning. As Startup SME’s do not need HR as such but a mentor, guide and operational team who can help the startup to build a solid foundation on their vision mission with a focus on building a great culture for sustainable business.


  1. While companies have been slow to adopt gig work models as of yet, how do you think the market is currently behaving when it comes to adopting gig work models?

We have been adopting GIG working at a very low end of the job on a seasonal and on-call basis for many years. However, in India workers mindset was to have a permanent job and secured due to the social pressures all these while. However, the changing young minds are bringing the ability of flexibility and short life cycles in India forcing the GIG working a reality.


Now StartupSME’s and also large organisations going to leverage the GIG workers on specialised areas in future. We see a huge influx of requests from the Globe that they want to have more GIG workers from India. It’s a great opportunity for the world to Leverage India talent. The world is going to use more of GIG workers to start in the next few quarters and then India shall wake up to the huge potential by the end of the year 2020.


  1. What are your plans in terms of building the future Sport Stars for India Creating Olympians by 2032?

As you know my daughter Meghana Reddy Gundlapally is India’s No.1 Rhythmic Gymnast. However, our effort of the last 10 years was to bring awareness and create aspirations for many Indian Girls in this All Women Olympic Sport. She has been a torchbearer of the future of Rhythmic Gymnastics in India with her ability to communicate, train teach the new generation. We would like to further spend our knowledge, Network and energy in building the ecosystem to ensure that India gets a medal in Gymnastics.


Hence we formed Gundlapally Krida Foundation to achieve just that by 2032.


  1. What steps do leaders need to take to maintain business as usual as much as possible while maintaining the employee experience?

There is no better way than making every employee part of the business wheel to create a positive experience. A leaders role is to help the team to understand the mission and vision and help them to translate what does that mean to them and how their contributions are helping the organisation.


How will reward recognition process be designed for the remote workforce, since the performance evaluation requires evaluating both Technical and behavioural competency, how behavioural competency will be evaluated.

Remote work provides a true spirit of performance measurement in my opinion. As there is no bias and everything that is done is clear and quantifiable. Since there is a heavy dependency on Technology to support the work from Home, it also provides the opportunity to measure every second of their being on the job. The behaviour of productivity and outcomes give the opportunity for business to reward recognition. The RR is more designed in acquiring the knowledge, work and delivering the best. Also the rewards around helping the other fellow workers in enhancing and bringing them to up to speed.



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