Best Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

One of the most common interview questions is: why should we hire you? This question is a way for an interviewer to know why he should prefer you over other candidates. There are no fixed answers to this one, your answer should be a concoction of your experience and skills.

Your job selection process starts with applying for the job. You have updated your resume, made a compelling cover letter, and hope that you get selected for the job interview. Then comes the most daunting part of the process, i.e., the job interview. However, you shouldn't panic. Do smart work while preparing, and you can ace an interview.

One of the most common interview questions is: why should we hire you? There are different variations of this as well: 'explain why you are a good fit for this job', 'why you are fit for this job', 'why do you think you are suitable for this role' to come to mind.

Questions like these have been asked in interviews for ages, and the practice is not dying anytime soon. In majority of the interviews these days, most candidates are qualified for the role. There is very little to differentiate between them. This question is a way for an interviewer to know why he should prefer you over other candidates. There are no fixed answers to this one, your answer should be a concoction of your experience and skills. However, there are some fundamental things to take care of while answering this question. This article will help you prepare to answer this question. We shall also discuss various possible answers to this question. 


What interviewers are looking for

Before we delve deeper into the subject, we should discuss what interviews look for when they ask: Why should we hire you? They want to make sure that you are the right fit for the job. Furthermore, they want to ensure that they hire someone who will get along with people and put the team and the company first over themselves. The ethos and values of an organization are crucial for interviewers when they are interviewing. If you don't fit in, they won't hire you.

Think of the answer to this question as a sales pitch. You are a product, and you have to sell it to a customer, i.e., the hiring manager. You must emphasize the utility and key benefits of the product: what you bring to the table. Moreover, it's your job to convince them that you are unique, and that your vision, skills, and experience will immensely benefit the organization.


Here's how you can come up with your answer:


1. Do some research

Every job vacancy is different. You need different skills and experience for every job. It depends on the job profile and position. First, you should review the job description posted by the recruiter. Next, research what exactly the job requires. Which skills will prove most effective for the job you are applying for?

After analyzing what the job requires, introspect, and find out your qualities and experiences that suit the job profile. Come up with examples from the internships and jobs you have held in the past where you tackled a difficulty that might arise in this job. A brainstorming session can do you wonders.


2. Structure your answer

This step is the most crucial in the answer. You can have all the right qualities and skillsets needed for a job, but if your answer isn't coherent and cohesive, you won't be able to convince the interviewer. Write down the things you want to say in bullet points. Next, figure out the order in which you want to say it. The transition from one bullet point to the next should be smooth, and it should flow. Don't try and memorize your answer; instead, figure out the ideal answer roughly.

Keep it simple. Stick to the basics and try to answer the question in simple terms. Don't be too long with your answer, or the interviewer will stop paying attention to it. You want to keep it concise. You don't need to boast of every achievement and skill you have. Focus on the experiences and skills needed for the job you are applying for.


3. Practice makes it perfect!

Practice what you're going to say with the bullet points in mind. However, it's not a good idea to stick to the script 100%, you will end up sounding like a robot. Variations in your answers are welcome. If your preparation is excellent, your brain can come up with excellent points while you are answering. That is why a little variation is necessary. If you become rigid, you won't be able to make a convincing argument. Cover all your bullet points and go with the flow of the interview to come up with the perfect answer to the question: why we should hire you over other candidates.


4. Mock Interview

Mock interviews are excellent to prepare you for an interview. They provide a secure environment that has the feel of an actual interview where you can practice and experiment on what you are going to say. They can help you come up with strategies, highlight where you are falling short, improve your soft skills, and prepare you for the actual interview. Answer the question with the bullet points you have come up with and see how you do in a mock interview. Depending on how you do, you can change your bullet points or improvise on them.

With these steps out of the way, here are the various variations of 'why should we hire you?' and the sample answers you can use to prepare yourself:


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Explain why you are a good fit for this job?


Here is a sample answer for you:

" People management and leadership skills are needed to perform this job perfectly. During my previous job, I had to use my skills to lead a team of 10. Our team did exceedingly well, and we were the top performers in our organization. I will be perfect for this role because of my successes and experience."

This answer works because you have demonstrated that you have the skills and experience to perform the job well. With the example you have given, you have shown that you have handled the responsibilities required for the job with aplomb during your last job.


Why are you suitable for this job - best answer?

"I have excellent soft skills. I worked as a receptionist at a management firm, during which I developed the skills that are perfect for this job. My job responsibilities consisted of answering phone calls, emails, handling visitors, and directing them to their destinations. A receptionist represents the firm's values, and therefore must be at their best all the time. So, my skill set, and experience make me a suitable candidate for this job."

In 70 words or so, you have made a compelling argument as to why you are a good fit for the position. You have listed the specific things you needed to do at your last job, and that you understand what you need to do in the job offered.


Why do you think you fit for this job?

"Thank you for this question. From what I've learned, this job would require me to handle customers and their requirements, is that correct?

The interviewer responds "yes".

"Well, all my previous jobs required me to handle customers. I was known for being excellent at dealing with difficult customers that no one could handle. I was successful at my previous job, thanks to my soft skills and confidence. I think I would fit right in at this job."

First, it is a great idea to thank the interviewer for the question. This sets the right tone for your actual answer. Then, you have explained what is required of you. With this, the interviewer knows that you know the job profile well.

Next, you have demonstrated that you will perform well even when things aren't going well. The real world poses significant challenges that you will not be in control of. However, what you can control is how you respond to it. With your answer, you have conveyed to the interviewers that you respond to real-life challenges well.


Why do you think you are suitable for this role?

"That is an important question, thank you for asking. From what I've learned, you are looking for a marketer with healthy experience in digital marketing. You want someone to increase your digital presence and grow online sales. I have been a digital marketer ever since I got out of college. At my previous job, I helped in increasing online sales by 26% year-on-year and was 'employee of the year'. I can establish an excellent online presence of your company and therefore I am perfectly suitable for this role."

As you can see, this answer contains a lot of substance. You have demonstrated that you have done your research on the company and the job requirements. Next, you have been very specific and descriptive with your answer. By saying that you were directly responsible for increasing online sales by 26%, the interviewer will be impressed with your specific answer. This will also show that you mean business.


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Why should we hire you? - Sample answers for fresh graduate


Example #1

"I understand that this job will require me to be agile and able to face new challenges effectively and efficiently. As a fresh graduate, I have the zeal to learn new things and adapt to demanding situations quickly. During my last internship, I worked with the MA team of Clifford and Chance, and I had to face unforeseen real-world challenges and respond to those quickly. With my skill set and ability to learn quickly, I will be an asset to your company, and I think you could hire me."


Example #2

"I know that I have just graduated, and I lack experience in the field. However, I was very active in college and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. I was the captain of my football team and head of the cultural committee. With my leadership and time management skills, I was able to perform exceedingly well in all the roles. My versatility will be an asset for this company, and I am perfect for this role."


Example #3

"The job description mentions that you are looking for someone who is a team player and doesn't put himself first. Although I'm a fresh graduate, I worked with my moot team, and we qualified for the final rounds of a renowned international moot court competition. This was a huge challenge for us, and we had to work together day and night for six months to achieve what we did. I was the team leader and I had to resolve conflicts and issues that arose along our journey. I believe that I will be a good fit for your organization."

Fresh graduates don't have much experience in the real world. However, that can be turned into an advantage as they can be trained and shaped into the role. Fresh graduates have a strong zeal to work hard and establish themselves in the field. That is why companies like to hire them. In your interview, you can emphasize your internships and the co-curricular activities you did in college to convince the interviewers to hire you.


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Why should we hire you over other candidates?

Answering this question can be difficult. The first thing you need to ensure is that you shouldn't talk about other candidates or put them down to convince the hiring managers. Talk about your abilities and traits that will make you perfect for the job.


Example #1:

"I can only speak for my skillset and experiences. I gather that if I get the job, I will have to manage a team of 12, bring down costs, and increase efficiency. At my last job, I was responsible for managing and approving budget plans. Moreover, I oversaw the creative department of the marketing team as well. With our digital campaign, we increased our brand's online presence massively. I am ready to take on the challenge that this job has in store for me."

First, you are saying that you cannot speak for other candidates, but you can make a case for yourself. This establishes your credibility and realness. This is an excellent sample answer. It has a good flow and establishes your experience well. Moreover, there is a lot of confidence being shown here. In the end, you are demonstrating that you are a passionate person and that you do not back down from a challenging role. Additionally, you can also try explaining why you are interested in the job.


Example #2:

"From what I gathered from the job listing, you want someone who has excellent communication skills and can coordinate with various teams to get the job done. During my college, I oversaw organizing the college fest, and I had to manage various departments and get them to work together. Relying on my soft skills and leadership, we organized a successful fest that played host to 1000 people. I have sharpened my communication skills throughout college, and I will be perfect for this job."

When you don't have much experience in the field, you can fall back on college experiences and showcase how you used your abilities to overcome problems. Demonstrate what you are made of by using examples from other fields of life. With that, you can convince the interviewers.


Example #3:

" I am great at graphic designing. I am proficient with tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Corel Draw. I have interned at various graphic designing firms and have worked on big accounts. I leveraged my creativity and vision to help my team execute the projects successfully. I have been enamored by the profession, and I would love to get started with your company."

With skill-based jobs that require proficiency with certain software, you want to get it out of the way. Tell the interviewers software you know how to use well. Then, you can move on to demonstrate the other skills you used to do your job successfully in the past.


Example #4:

" I have been impressed with your company ever since I heard about what you were doing. It's great to be interviewing for a position here. I believe that I am a good fit because I am a motivated individual, and I believe in doing top-notch work. I am a fast learner and have developed a business acumen through years of work experience. All these skills make me perfect for this job."

Firstly, it's always a great move to say that you appreciate the company's work. Do your research in case your interviewer asks what specifically you like about the company. Next, you should show a keen interest in the job profile. After that, emphasize your abilities and traits that make you perfect for the job. Then, summarize all the skills that you have which are needed for the job.


Example #5:

"I feel that I am suitable for this role because of my excellent academic record, along with the skills I have picked up in college. I have done various internships to get experience in the field. I know how to work well in a team and get the job done. You would not regret giving me a chance."

For fresh graduates, prospective employers can assess you based on academic records and co-curricular activities. Internships are a crucial factor as well. Focus on what you have learned in college and from your internships to convince them that you are ready for the real world.


Example #6:

"I have been in the HR field for the last five years. During that time, I have learned how to be efficient at administrative functions, and coordinate between the management and employees to achieve the goals of the organization. I have great communication skills and patience, so I was responsible for overseeing conflicts in the workplace. My skills and experience will make an asset to your company."

This answer is simple and concise. It lists the skills and the experience that an HR professional needs to do their jobs successfully.



Here are the things you need to do while answering 'why should we hire you':


1. Demonstrate that you have the requisite skills

First things first, you need to have the skills that will be required to perform the job responsibilities well. Emphasize your key strengths and abilities to the interviewers.


2. Highlight your experience with examples

Your experience will be a crucial factor that can determine whether you get the job or not. Highlight the skills it took for you to get the job done in the past. Mention specific instances where you used your abilities to navigate a challenging scenario.


3. Explain how you'll fit right in the organization

Show the hiring manager that your values are in line with the organization. Explain how your traits make you a team player and that you get along with other people.


4. Show interest in the company and the job role

You should take an interest in the job that you are applying for. Tell the interviewers that you are excited to start working and that you have been looking for such an opportunity for a long time. If they see that you have zeal, they will be more inclined to hire you.


5. Be honest

Be honest with your prospective employers. If you lie, you will get caught in the long run and suffer because of it. Recruiters can often perceive when candidates are lying about something. They might ask you follow-up questions to check the consistency of your claims. It's better to be honest.



Job interviews are not easy to ace. They test your communication skills, expertise, knowledge, and nerves. It isn't easy to brave through a situation like that. However, with preparation and smart work, you can do well in interviews.

The answer to a question like 'why should we hire you' can make or break your interview. Prepare bullet points and shape your answer around those. Do not try to memorize the answer. Instead, allow for a little variation in your answer every time you practice it. Study the tips and examples given in the article to prepare yourself for the question. Don't worry, you got this.


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