Onyi Anyado, Global Leadership Speaker, Author – UK

“In this new decade, the organisations who are led by leaders who are visionary minded will be those who not only take the lead but maintain their lead by hindsight, foresight and united thinking”- Onyi Anyado, Global Leadership Speaker, Author – UK

Onyi is the founder of Onyi Anyado Media House is a UK based multiple award-winning Global Leadership Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Workshop Facilitator Author.

You have called 2020 ‘The Year of Legacy Distinction’, why have you called it so?

Every year I name the year a particular theme. For example, 2019 was ‘The Year of Global Distinction’. 2018 was ‘The Year of Cutting Edge Distinction’ and 2017 ‘The Year of Creative Distinction’. The reason I’ve called 2020 ‘The Year of Legacy Distinction’ is we’ve entered a new decade which is going to be a pivotal decade for humanity and with this truth, I’m teaching and sharing how one can live their legacy and leave, their legacy. My legacy is titled ‘From Detention to Distinction’ which I use as a point of reference, direction and hope as I share to audiences around the world. When a famous or well respected person dies we automatically acknowledge their life and the positive impact they made. I’m now showcasing that actually you don’t have to be dead to leave a legacy and every day of making positive impact, no matter how big or small is a fundamental of cutting edge leadership. For example, a senior manager can notice a new employee who is nervous and apprehensive in the office but using their experience, management style and leadership skills, they can empower the employee to the point that within a short while their leadership skills have been developed and they’re now taking the lead and becoming more assertive, this is actually living and leaving a legacy.

One of your quotes is “Leadership isn’t about age but rather, leadership is about influence, impact and inspiration”. Can you share more on this?
Yes, from my message of Cutting Edge Distinction I deliver a strategy called Cutting Edge Leadership which coaches and trains leaders on how to develop their leadership distinction by seeing themselves as leaders who are legacy minded which in turn causes them to have the ability to equip and educate others on how to locate and leverage their leadership distinction then become legacy minded too. There’s a school of thought that to be in a leadership position in an organisation, one has to be of a certain age or have worked in a leadership role for a good number of years. We’ve entered a new decade and with this truth, the organisations that will take the lead in the global market which is now local will be the organisations who understand how to nature talent and give employees the ability to perform and operate in a leadership style that is cutting edge and isn’t just restricted to a CV, experience, rank or age. I’ve found from working with many junior employees that they have the skill, ability and passion to take the lead but unfortunately red tape and the culture of the organisation hinders them. Thankfully working with many senior managers, there’s a shift in understanding and many are realising that leadership development requires an open mind from both ends of the organisation.


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You are referred to as Mr Distinction and you are the founder of Onyi Anyado Media House. As a UK based multiple award-winning Global Leadership Speaker and Corporate Trainer, can you share with us your approach towards training leaders on how to locate, leverage and lead with their distinction in their chosen field?
When I deliver my talks and workshops, topics I cover include future thinking, organisational development, creative leadership and leadership development which are fundamentals in regards leaders becoming distinguished in their chosen field. Knowing many of my audiences have been to leadership talks and workshops before I come from a different angle by starting with my life story and legacy titled ‘From Detention to Distinction. I share my leadership journey which includes being raised in a single parent family, dropping out of Middlesex university in London, starting up in business, winning awards, creating a global brand and training people to birth their leadership distinction. This sets the standard of what the essence of cutting edge leadership is and how it is in its simplicity that distinction can be discovered. A topic I start with is future thinking. The future that CEO’s and senior managers are not thinking about has already started and if a clear and defined vision isn’t shared with accuracy, excellence and visibility, rather than having one vision, it becomes division and organisational growth and employed development cannot be viable. In this new decade, the organisations who are led by leaders who are visionary minded will be those who not only take the lead but maintain their lead by hindsight, foresight and united thinking.


In your corporate workshops, you deliver a program titled How To Become An Employee of Distinction™, suggest what areas you cover?
In my program I use my quote as a reference which is the yardstick 21st century employee. “An employee is a leader of excellence, trailblazer and pioneer who constantly brings change to their organisation”. From my insight, topics covered include employee engagement, organisational branding and creative thinking. From my message of Cutting Edge Distinction, I combined excellence and branding then created the 3 V’s of organisational branding. The 3 V’s are vision, values and the voice (culture0 of the organisation. I train and coach employees on how to identify and apply the 3 V’s of their organisations brand so development, cohesion and growth can be a daily goal for employees. Another aspect I train on is creative thinking. I developed the 3 C’s of creative thinking which includes critical thinking. It is important that in this new decade, the 2020’s which I’ve called the era of creative distinction, employees don’t just ‘think out of the box’ but they use the ‘box’ to see new opportunities and possibilities in regards organisational growth and personal development.


You’ve called this new decade the era of creative distinction, why have you called it such? 
Every 10 years we see a shift across every sphere of life and in particular in this new decade the 2020’s, we will see an exponential growth in AI and tech but, I also see there will be an exponential growth of people from all walks of life birthing unprecedented creative services and products that will bring disruptive value across local, national and global industries. Many are worried about how AI will replace their jobs and unstable economies but I believe in the midst of problems, there will be many opportunities but these opportunities have to first be conceived then believed before they can be achieved. This will take a deeper understanding and greater resilience which is actually the essence of cutting edge distinction.


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