Cracking Top 5 Talent Acquisition Challenges with Talent Commerce

About 2 weeks back our team participating at the SHRM HR Tech APAC 2019 was asked this daunting question by a lady delegate who visited our booth at the event.

Why will our Talent Acquisition team fail?

About 2 weeks back our team participating at the SHRM HR Tech APAC 2019 was asked this daunting question by a lady delegate who visited our booth at the event. She heads the talent acquisition efforts for one of the prominent technology companies who are the makers of world-leading products in the IT Infrastructure Management space. Her argument was – we have invested in a large in-house team of expert recruiters, we have subscribed to all possible job boards, implemented an ATS software, partnered with a renowned assessments provider and there are social media platforms that we leverage to source talent. So like any other employer, they seem to have played all their talent acquisition strategy cards well and we were curious to discover if they still faced any challenges with regards to their talent acquisition and so we popped the question – you seem to have a well-planned holistic approach to your recruiting, is there any challenge at all that your organization faces or is there a wish list your stakeholders have? There you go. We were quite intrigued to listen to what followed as her response. She said, “yes, though we seem to be doing everything right(at least in theory); yet the most common challenges that we face are around simpler ways to incorporating gender diversity as an integral part of our hiring strategy, attracting the quality talent, assessing the candidate to job fitment, post-offer drop-outs. Another unique challenge that has emerged over the last couple of years is that how do we manage the candidate data well and utilize the same to garner meaningful insights to figure out the ways to utilizing those much desired(but missing today) insights to make our talent acquisition strategy a lot more impactful.” She has been in the industry for about 2 decades and hence had closely observed and had been through the sea change that we have seen in the recruiting space.

In a nutshell, apart from the “True Cost of Hire”, Top 5 Talent Acquisition Challenges based on a SCIKEY survey are:


  1. Attracting RIGHT QUALITY candidates from the limited Talent Pool


  1. Inconsistent Candidate Experience


  1. Inclusion Gender Diversity


  1. Job, personality organization culture fitment


  1. Managing candidate hiring data for effective decision-making better impact

Increased scarcity of quality talent, the rise of millennials in the workforce, emergence of new technology skill-sets, new-age start-ups trying to disrupt the orthodox ways of engaging, attracting, hiring retaining talent etc; have all changed this landscape totally. A more aware world owing to the technology adoption, the introduction of specialized technology like cloud, machine learning, data analytics, artificial intelligence, BOTs blockchain, etc have started impacting the hiring trends, methods priorities in a big way. With much higher internet penetration adoption rates leading to a lot more people using internet to find the right jobs, learning more about their potential employers, the rise of mobile digital trends; leveraging online presence for boosting the employer brand has emerged as one of the top elements of the talent strategy globally for any employer of repute.


The connected world that we live in today revolves around “experience” in everything we do. Your employer brand gets seen rated based on the “experience” that you offer to your target audience in the form of job seekers. Gone are the days when you could rely upon some random job boards, feel happy about having implemented an ATS software, partnering with any assessments provider and yet get away with the “broken inconsistent experience” that you offered to the job seekers, hiring managers, stakeholders your own recruitment teams. It is not hiring, recruiting, job boards, ATS, social media anymore. The world that we live in today is the world of Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Swiggy, Paytm the likes. Therefore, the answer to all your hiring related challenges and questions lies in your ability to conceive and offer a totally “new-age, seamless, well-integrated highly intuitive experience” to your target audience(job seekers) as well as all stakeholders involved in hiring(or rather attracting) the RIGHT TALENT for your employer brand. We call it TALENT COMMERCE.

Now that you identify your talent acquisition challenges and wondering what could be the readily available help to address these; look no further. SCIKEY Talent Commerce platform is the dream solution that you need.



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