Right Candidate For The Right Job

In a work culture or corporate field, it is important that one must hire the right person for the right job or else an inaccurate one can draw unqualified candidates.

Every company or employer wishes to hire the most suitable candidate for the desired job. Unfortunately many end up hiring the wrong person for the job. Let us share an instance of how Ms. Pankhuri Shah from Dubai who was in charge of hiring candidates ended up choosing the wrong one.

Ms. Shah has always been very loyal to the company she worked for. Every vacancy was filled with her chosen candidates. She always thought that after interviewing nearly 100 employees so far, she was able to judge them and study their behaviour through their qualifications and skills. Not every decision by the most experienced person can always be right. One always ends up making errors and Ms. Shah was about to do the same. Mr. Aman came in for an interview who had applied for the position of a team leader. He spoke about how experienced he has always been in creative writing and making excellent presentations. Ms. Shah believed that Aman will be suitable as the team leader to teach his colleagues the correct presentation skills, speaking and communicate creatively and working with everyone successfully. To his luck, he was hired with a great salary package and appreciation from the superiors.

Few weeks had passed, Ms. Shah soon realized that Aman was not being able to handle the team pressure and complete the tasks on time. Though his presentations were excellent the way they were communicated in the meeting was not up to the mark. These changes were noticed by Ms. Shah and other superiors very frequently. Pankhuri started to wonder if she had hired the right one for this position. One day she started to question herself about her hiring process and suddenly it struck to her that she could motivate Aman a little to perform his duties better. Aman visited her cabin and they had a good long chat for nearly an hour. She thought motivating him was the only solution and felt he could now show better results. No doubt, Aman was motivated to show better results but yet he failed to do so.

In a work culture or corporate field, it is important that one must hire the right person for the right job or else an inaccurate one can draw unqualified candidates. The same situation had come upon Ms. Shah. So, what do you think she should have done? Eventually, she had accepted that Aman was not fit for this job and how she got carried away by his communication skills during the interview and chose to ignore how his qualities that were well suited for another job. With a heavy heart, she had to ask Aman to resign. Pankhuri and her very dear friend Devika were discussing this issue over coffee post work. Her friend mentioned how Pankhuri had made a mistake and how she should immediately rectify it. Devika then spoke about how her organization is always hiring the most accurate employee through a talent acquisition platform called SCIKEY; that offers MindMatch Quality and Unparalleled Experience.

At first, Pankhuri couldn’t believe it, but later Devika explained to her that how using AI Psychology, it transforms the hiring experience through speedy mind match enabling close alignment between people and organization. Pankhuri was surely amazed to hear about this and decided to inform her superiors all about this new gen platform. The next day, after hearing all about the new ways of hiring mind match employees and researching well enough about it, they came to a conclusion to adopt this method. Ms. Shah was very happy that finally, she will be hiring the right one for the right job.




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