How to Attract the Right Candidates on Your Job Postings?

Here are a few guidelines that will help you attract the right type of candidates to your job postings:

Whether you own a job consulting firm or manage a corporate job placement department; you always need to attract the right candidates for your job postings. Moreover, you have to deal with fierce competition in finding the right people for particular job postings.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you attract the right type of candidates to your job postings:

Pitching the Job Right: Most job postings do not mention the rewards and benefits of working at that particular company. If you want that you should not lose the talent to the competition, you must include few benefits. The initial step on the way to attracting a right candidate is to tell your prospects why they should apply, be it the brilliant work environment or growth opportunities, market reputation, flexible schedules, etc.

Optimal Job Description: The next step in hiring the right candidate is to avoid long and boring job descriptions, roles and responsibilities. Overloaded information cannot attract the right candidates. Instead, state only the vital requirements and credentials that one must meet in order to get through the initial selection process.

Engaging Job Postings:A straightforward yet effective step to make your job posting process engaging is by giving the candidate something to think about, as to why they should apply to your job ads. You can simply fire some basic questions while they apply on job portals or you can provide some task while selecting. This will rapidly weed out all those wrong applicants who do not qualify for the position.

Use Right Keywords:To create the right impact in the mind of the right candidate, you must incorporate the right keywords associated to the job in your job posting. Most applicants always search using keywords, related to their skills or job. This will help you land in front of the right candidate. By adding the right keywords in job postings, you will have a better chance of being seen in every search related to that position. You can use google keyword planner to come up with the list of highly relevant keywords for a particular skill set in a particular demography.

Follow up:Today you can receive candidate applications through several channels. You need to immediately follow up, with the candidates. Today’s recruitment marketplace is highly competitive and your hiring cycle should not be long – not more than five to seven days without a planned follow-up meeting. Or else, you risk losing the right applicant entirely.

Create the Right Brand:In today’s world, when Talent is the most sought-after asset, it’s important for organizations as well as Talent Acquisition Executives, to develop a brand, as thought leaders. This requires staying updated with the domain-specific and employee experience specific trends, creating the right content and analytically promoting it through the right channels with a relevant audience, thereby attracting the right talent.

The best way to find if you posted an efficient jobs post, is to put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and judge what could possibly attract you, or what would possibly repel you from your job post.

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