Time to remove the word “Resources” from Human Resources

There is no harm in using the term “Resources” for inanimate objects such as laptops, networks, printers etc. But, humans are different.

Human Resources Department was created to manage people in the industrial age. Factories and Manufacturing are the words that crop up in people’s mind. Of course, things have changed for the better; but humans continue to be treated as resources. There is no harm in using the term “Resources” for inanimate objects such as laptops, networks, printers etc. But, humans are different. They need to be treated with care, respect and a great deal of empathy. When this is done well, human beings tend to do achieve their full potential, sometimes, exceeding it beyond their own imagination.

In today’s age, technology has invaded and touched almost every human with the proliferation of the smartphone. So, it is time all companies apply this to the way they deal with humans.

Time for change in this attitude is NOW.

Treating every human (not employee) uniquely in any organization will increase their experience beyond their association as an employee. Knowing each person’s strength or innate psyche can be empowering to the managers and leaders collaborating along side them (not working for them!).

SCIKEY’s proprietary platform is futuristic way of understanding each person’s psyche, uniquely, and building systems and personalization around that person. Maximizing the person’s value rather than thinking through a company lens of productivity or profit. Once the person’s value is enhanced, all other byproducts that the company needs will be attained (even after the person leaves the company).

Just like any shopping engine or social media, can we ensure a unique experience based on employee needs and psyche?



SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform is a Managed Talent Marketplace that enables employers globally, to build manage productive teams. With its online platform powered by AI platform-enabled services, Intelligent Automation and patented “SCIKEY MindMatch” algorithm; it simplifies how businesses contract or employ the best quality talent anywhere, while focusing on leveraging the talent mindset (psyche) as their prime competitive advantage.

SCIKEY’s mission is to provide the best cost, plenty of choices unmatched convenience to the employers across the globe, in employing or contracting the best quality talent On Premise, Offshore as well as in a Remote engagement.



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