Coping up with a Job loss – Post Covid19

Let us see if a situation of job loss happens with anyone, what one can do to fight out this situation and emerge a winner again.

2020 will probably be remembered in history as the lost year, but COVID19 will be remembered for long for making 2020 a lost year. We are observing every day how mighty countries and powerful people are all becoming helpless against this virus. However, the best thing about tough times is that they have an end date and COVID19 saga will also see an end date sooner than later and give us many things to learn and protect ourselves better in future.


However, the current situation is bound to leave a lasting impact on economy of the world that will result in significant job losses and disruption in social life for some time to come. Let us see if a situation of job loss happens with anyone, what one can do to fight out this situation and emerge a winner again.

Distance Socially, but get Socially Closer: No one can manage the challenges of life all alone. It is always your friends, families, relatives and at times even good people around you who will stand up to support you. This is the time to forget all your previous grudges and time to come together. You would always find the old timers bragging about how their families never realized the pressure of raising children and how they all supported each other in thick and thins. With opportunities, we became richer with money and material but became poorer with relations. This is time to get back those lost riches as it pays off to be together.

 Conserve Your Resources: Never be under an impression that things are not going to happen to you. A global crisis touches everyone in some way or the other. It is time to conserve your resources and plan your expenses judiciously. Making heavy expenses that can be avoided should be ideally postponed. This advice goes against the philosophy of improving GDP, but it certainly can grow your happiness levels till the difficult time passes away. You never know how long will that last, but we all hope that it will pass off quickly.

Hone up Your Skills to remain Employable: It is always good to be expert in something that can get attention of employers. Highly talented people will always be in demand and always employed, but the challenge is always with the vast majority who do not have any core skill to rely upon. Becoming a manager who manages some people is of no use when people can manage themselves. Therefore, identifying your core strength and honing that is a great thing for one to do to remain relevant employable.

Focus on Building Mental Strength: It is very easy to get stressed and feel depressed even with a feeling of a potential threat to livelihood. No one can change the reality of outside world if that has to happen, but one can always have better mental strength developed to remain strong. It has been observed that the mentally strong people make best out of any crisis situation because they are the one who use this ability to the best in such times. Start doing meditation, do enough exercise and if possible, move to a healthy, vegetarian diet.


Finally, Keep Looking for Opportunities and Never become Desperate: It is high likelihood that the job you left will never be opened again and even the method and model of working will change significantly making all your previous experience redundant. If a permanent job is not available, remain open for working as a contractor or even freelance gig-worker for shorter durations. There will always be a better time that will open up more options eventually, but by giving up you end up killing all future opportunities.

Challenges are a part of life and facing them positively is the right way forward. We hope that in another few months the economy will be back on track and the post COVID19 era brings even more opportunities for all of us.



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