Mr.Sangramsinh Pawar, Head Corporate HR & OD & Head C&B, Atos Syntel

“Everyone is good at something, but it is impossible to be good at everything” Mr.Sangramsinh Pawar, Head Corporate HR & OD & Head C&B, Atos Syntel.

Sangram bags more than 22+ years of rich experience in the field of Corporate/Strategic business HR OD Organisation Change Management. He has worked in USA, Europe, Egypt and UAE. In past he has added value working at senior positions in the organisations in IT Sector – Persistent Tecnologies, Cognizant, Sears, Tech Mahindra, Energy Sector, Chemical Mfg. Sector, Tata Group- Automobile Mfg Sector, Hero Honda Group- Automobile Mfg Sect, RCVP- Petroleum Sector, Emirates Steel Industries –UAE, JDSU(USA), ITIDA ( Ministry of Communication) Egypt BALCO Industries, HR Service Delivery People Strategy.


– Managing Organizational Change Cultural Diversity,
– Strategic Human Resources(SHR) Organization Restructuring
– Capability Building (LOD) Facilitation
– HR – BPM, Process Re-engineering PCMM, Automation
– Overall Talent Engagement Cycle ( TA, TM, TD, PM, HRSS, CoE)
– Leadership Coaching Employee Engagement 
– Organization Communication-Effectiveness (OE) Assessment /Development Center, Industrial Relations, Pyramid Rationalization.


Sangramsinh Pawar in an exclusive interaction with SCIKEY speaks on ways to understand the behaviour and mindset of an individual when hiring them, the technological advances in the industry today that helps in understanding the mood concept better and why it is unwise to hire someone on set parameters in today’s age.


How important is it to identify and understand the mindset and behavior of an individual?
There are two aspects of this to keep in mind. One, the role that you are hiring the person for, since every role has its own dynamics and two is the cognitive ability or the behavioral competency of the individual that matches the role the said candidate is being hired for. It is also important to note the behaviour and attitude the candidate will bring to the organizational culture. It is essential to see that the people you hire come with the right mindset, the right behavioural competence that is matching the role and the values of the organization.


What difference can it bring to the organization both in the short and long term? 
If you take an IT firm, 60-70% of their capital is human capital. This is unlike big operative organizations where the percentages may vary where the direct capital expenditure is high, machinery is high, and people are less in number. Companies now need to begin focusing on the input level of the organization, contrary to what they have been doing so far. The input level here means the hiring of the people in the organization. Any talent that is hired is a cost which is added to the company’s and always hits the Operating Margin. In today’s fiercely competitive environment business houses are struggling to maintain the Revenue Growth, CAGR as most of the existing customers are shrinking their budgets drastically and adding New Customer or Logos is becoming herculean task, in such situation sustaining double digit Operating Margins becomes even more vital. Therefore ‘Right Hire’ will naturally help organization stop bleeding on the Talent front.

The right kind of hired talent can build trustworthy relations with the clients. Clients prefer to have a known face who know them and their business well enough to make the right decisions for them. This can only happen when the relationship with the client is consistent and dependable enough. Companies around the world are undergoing operating budget cuts irrespective of their size. This budget cost is then shifted to operating costs which can be managed by cutting people costs. This is why it is crucial to maintain the hiring at the input level itself.

What strategies can companies deploy to conduct mind mapping of an employee concerning business goals?
Organizations deploy various strategies to understand mind map of the employees and these strategies are deployed at various stages of the Employee Life Cycle (Attract, Retain, and Develop Talent) or during Workforce Management. Understanding mind maps, behavioral assessments, skills are always required for effectiveness of overall Talent Management Process. Mostly organization provide more weightages on technological skills compared to the behavioral or mind mapping, though everyone understands that how much behaviors attitudes of the employees are more important than anything else in the organization. This might be since very few organizations are equipped with the infrastructure, ecosystems and maturity in the people to understand how much it takes to run an Assessment Development Centers. Agile OKR’s + Mind mapping + Continuous Check In’s is an excellent model for an successful performance productivity management.

What are your thoughts on companies these days creating set parameters as per job profile and matching candidates accordingly?
There is a famous rhetoric ‘Garbage In Garbage Out’ to have right people in the organization we need first determine our business needs and changing demands and then align the Role/Job Descriptions. Majority of organizations have so far faltered on this account since they base it on mathematical predictions. The gap lies in the real time Role definitions (how relevant those are updated in line with the business demands). Companies now have a very convenient method of defining roles but role relevance is not defined on continuous bases. Role relevance index has to be established at an organizational level that has to be regulated as relevant to the business. Organizations typically fail in deploying the Roles/Job Descriptions in a holistic manner.

What technology do you work with for assessing candidates?
We conduct online Assessments platforms for assessing the candidates and the Talent on the organization. We generally assess our employees on Skill’s, Knowledge Values. Our who Career Framework is based on Assessments learning Plans of the employees in order to provide them Career Growth.

Is this technology been designed for companies globally?
The technology is created to be used globally. It is yet to be implemented in many countries, but it will take some time since it is not easy to do it all at once. The framework, concept and the objective behind it have been appreciated globally.


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