Dipty Jalan - Senior General Manager, Usha International

“HR will be playing a critical role in redefining norms for the hybrid work culture and rebuilding and retaining the critical elements of culture they want to preserve and evolve,” Dipty Jalan - Senior General Manager, Usha International

In an exclusive interaction with SCIKEY, Dipty shared her thoughts on evolving HR landscape in 2021, how technology digitization can fast-track learning and upskilling, the latest HR guidelines more.

With the new normal shaping the future of HR, how do you see the larger HR landscape evolve in 2021? 

Post the experiences and everlasting changes catalysed by Covid-19 in 2020, the world of work is still evolving. There are so many questions yet to be answered but one thing is for sure that HR would continue to be in the driver’s seat in 2021. Though the future is still dependent on a lot of variables currently, but hybrid workforce may be the norm at least in the short term. Keeping this new reality in mind, the role of HR has become more complex and prominent.

HR will be playing a critical role in redefining norms for the hybrid work culture and rebuilding and retaining the critical elements of culture they want to preserve and evolve. With this hybrid workforce, fuelling growth mindset and an engagement with the brand would be critical in facilitating employees to impact key business area. While attracting the right talent and retaining has always been a challenge, in the new normal offering a value proposition to employees with a mix of employee experience, flexible working norms, brand that has an image and purpose will be key differentiator for organizations. In the digital age, engagement will be critical as before but engagement platforms that encourage employee interaction, discussion and debates may take precedence.

Along with CHRO, being a Talent OD professional, Dipty share your opinion on how technology digitization can fast-track learning and upskilling in 2021

Technology and digitization are the only solution to making sure the talent is aligned to the skill requirement of the changing organization paradigms. While the vaccine is out, the pandemic isn’t really over, and the current crisis will continue to be a driver for digital learning in 2021. While this is the upcoming trend, organizations need to be more innovative and creative is using technology and digitization to deliver a personalized experience for the learner and at the same time, deliver the need for a social collaboration while learning. From creative and meaningful content creation and curation to innovative learning platforms, a lot needs to be evaluated in its current status to see if it can deliver the requirements for tomorrow. Finding solution to experiential learning would be an aspect to reflect and experiment. Simulation-based training on virtual platforms may be an answer to that and may turn out to be the key differentiator. There would be a lot more usage of Learning analytics to assess the effectiveness of training measures and deliver business outcomes.

Considering the newer way of work the workplace, What could be the latest HR guidelines, HR leaders should be upskilling them with that also includes cultivating a culture of continuous improvement.

HR Leaders would need to work towards establishing platforms and processes that encourages two way communication in the organization. To build a culture of continuous improvement, creating a mindset that is open to growth is very important.

The second key aspect of two-way communication that HR leaders need to thrive is to build two-way feedback. For this the skill of giving and receiving feedback is critical in any organization. In a place where things are continuously changing and where many decisions are being taken with loads of ambiguity, being open to feedback can be key is making corrective changes at the right time


What is your advice for LD leaders and people managers who face challenges to skill and re-skill their employees, including cost and other bottlenecks?

I think the LD leaders and people managers in the current and upcoming times need to wear multiple hats along with their stated job requirements. They need to step into the roles of mentor, coach, consultant, advisor, COE, and business partner, to address business challenges and prevent potential future problems. More frequent and transparent communication with employees with the upcoming changes would be key during these unprecedented times. While change is inevitable, making sure the team is well aligned to the changes and future direction required can be a major game-changer for steering the ship in the right direction.



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