Mr. Joachim Ooi, Talent & Culture Manager, Photobook Worldwide

“Millennials are different from other people since they rely on instant gratification”, Mr. Joachim Ooi, Talent & Culture Manager, Photobook Worldwide

“Working with people” is the key drive that made him chose HR. An extrovert by nature, Joachim is an energetic soul who has relentless passion when it comes to enhancing employee relationships and nurturing great company culture. Graduated as a Software Engineer, Joachim’s route to Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, and Culture Building was a chance encounter that has sculpted his career pathway.


Having worked with various companies from tech start-ups to digital advertising agency to MNC and now with an e-Commerce digital personalised photo printing company, Joachim has more than 9 years of people management experience under his belt. A strong believer that talents are the core asset of every company, Joachim is driven to help people find their inner voice to unleash their true potential.


Mr. Joachim in an exclusive interaction with SCIKEY talked about why and how employers need to have different approach while attracting the best talent from Millennials lot.


Talent today revolves around technology and different systems and thus it is vital to include social media and technology at work. Especially if you want to attract the right talent to your organization. With the millennial generation soon coming in, it is difficult to hold their attention in the company.


When it comes to changes in technology and the workforce it is said that people are now becoming more aware of digitization. However, it is not only at the level of awareness, but it is possible to improvise experience. It is about having a memorable and personalized employee experience at their respective workplaces.


The two things to pay attention to when it comes to Millennials are talent attraction and talent retention. Every employee has one huge life cycle. In the beginning, we attract them, hire them, train them and retain them, which is a complete cycle for them.


The next level to increase talent attraction is becoming employer friendly. While this may seem quite easy to implement, it isn’t.

It is crucial to remember that trends play an essential role because it does help attract talent. Using social media and professional networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the first step in introducing your brand and spreading the word about it. We look at increasing the number of followers, and slowly people are beginning to engage in the culture that you are trying to put out there.


Under internal factors, organizations need to have a strong employer brand strategy since it all comes down to alignment with the management team. You must discuss your plan with them and ask them their opinions on how they want to take this forward. Some may want to take it ahead regionally, some globally; some may want to start a new business model, etc.

On the external front, we must prepare for the upcoming millennial generation born from the year 2000 onwards. “Millennials are different from other people since they rely on instant gratification” especially because of social media. So you must be active on social media platforms and make use of the features it provides to be in sync with their mind. You must customize your employer brand strategy to the market you are trying to reach.



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