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Funny yet defining moments can happen anytime

Sharing one of my #interview #funnymoments.

Please share your moments and spread cheer. Most certainly, each one of you will have many great stories to tell.


This happened more than 3 decades back (well, the age when Internet was not yet available to the masses).

Few hundred people from college had turned for an interview and though it was for technology (it was PASCAL and C those days, no network, no socialmedia, and OOPs too!), but the college graduates were not worried about that.

The final interview was decided by a HR head and it was happening in a high-walled cubicle (a loud-beaming voice followed by weird remarks/comments, but no one could see him).

Among many weird questions he posed (almost in the open), his favourite opening would be

"Can you sing a song for me?"

The initial people who went to face this HR head would get startled (college never prepared us for this, "those were the best days of my life", back in summer of 89 :) , so you had to think on your feet.....get streetsmart. remember no Google)

Soon, you would hear people trying to sing, drum up some musical notes, hum something, and of course, we had many who were not so gifted in the musical sense.

Great expressions as people come out fom the cubicle.(actually I can see it clearly even today). Some bewildered, some shaken, some changing their career to music.

As a shy guy and not very outspoken, I was posed the same question (luckily, we had figured out the design pattern).

I replied "I can sing but will do so only If you were recruiting for a job /role in music. As far as I know that is not the case, so I aint singing now"

He was taken aback by the answer, but before he could figure out what happened I had left the cubicle.

Eventually, gratefully, I got hired even though the HR head hardly spoke to me. Much later in life, I had courage to ask him, who all did he hire that day?

He said he hired everyone who had courage and character to speak up for what is right and to challenge positional authority.

You can learn from each moment, look out for those.

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Shriram Viswanathan

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Alok Kumar 5 months ago

A good article that talks of something no one thinks off. Funny, but the outcomes can be different. Walking out of interview can also be seen as arrogance. It completely depends upon how the interviewer takes the response of the candidate.

SCIKEY Admin 5 months ago

Nice article....