What Is Your Relationship Status With Your Job?

Do you know what your relationship status is with your most important significant other? No, we're not talking about your other half. We're talking about your job.

Here are the most common relationship status and advice on what to do next if you're feeling stuck.


1. I'm single

Well, being single is not a bad thing. If you're not attached to any job, it means that you are in a great position to find a job that's a better fit. 

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2. I'm in a committed relationship

We're happy to know that you love your job. Remember to remain relevant and competitive in your field. Always seek professional development opportunities to keep your skills sharp and update your resume regularly.

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3. I'm in an open relationship

Guess what? You're not alone, as many professionals are always looking out for their next career move. Job hopping is so yesterday. It's about being open to new opportunities. 

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4. It's complicated.

We get it. You may be dragging yourself to work every day or counting the minutes until you can leave. It might be a good time to start looking out and planning your next career move. We think you should prepare to write a breakup letter to your manager.

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Still not sure about your relationship status with your job? 

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