Top 4 in-demand skills by employers in 2021

These top 4 Skills recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in 2021

As we move forward in 2021, it is certain that 2020 has taught us many new things. The way business has evolved - need to create implement new strategies to keep the pace of change transformation has become inevitable. While companies are devising strategies to keep up lead the shift to get a competitive advantage, hiring the right candidate has gained much higher importance than pre covid times. With the new ways business is being done, employers/recruiters are looking for specific skills to ace the competition.

Here are four job skills in 2021 that recruiters and hiring managers will be looking for in top candidates. 

Cognitive Flexibility: The world is moving at a fast pace. In this current time, organizations are looking for individuals who can learn more quickly, solve problems more creatively, and respond to new situations more effectively. An individual with this skill can juggle complex workflow, understand rapidly evolving markets, and communicate with teams across different time zones locations.

Decision-Making: Decision making is more than just an attitude; it is a skill. Decision-making skill is a trait that appeals to employers. Making effective decisions is a good leadership quality that favours employers and helps you get promotions. Virtually every job involves some level of individual decision making; how good fast are you at making the right decision separates you from the crowd. An employer can trust an individual who has excellent Decision-making skills can focus work on other essential responsibilities.

Critical Thinking: Critical thinking is a crucial skill a jobseeker must have when looking for a new job in 2021. Having this skill can help individuals solve and build strategies that make them better at their jobs. Many organizations look for this skill in an employee when they hire. Individuals who have this skill are mostly contemplative, confident, competent they can rationally connect the dots in a situation, study evaluate obstacles, and solve complex problems.

Emotional Intelligence: It's the key to success in your career and job search. Emotional intelligence allows you to read verbal and nonverbal cues in others to communicate effectively and grow healthy working relationships. In a job market where it's critical to set yourself apart, showing requisite emotional intelligence can help you stand out and improve your communication with others.



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