Hanie Rosly, VP-HR & Operations, Tokenize Xchange, Malaysia

An HR expert who never gives up, Hanie Rosly, shares her journey.

Hanie let’ speak about your journey, the share of challenges how did you overcome them. Share with us some incidents you feel were the turning point for you.

My journey in HR started in 2005 as an HR Shared Services Centre agent. Looking at where I am today, I am forever thankful to be given the opportunity to join the HR Shared Services Centre without any knowledge in HR. It started on a simple note; being in a shared service, everything was ready for us, we have templates for everything! But that was when I learn about the fundamental processes of recruitment.
When the position was made redundant after four years with them, I was lucky to be given a chance to build an HR Shared Services Center for one of the big four audit firms. I got to visit Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore to shadow and learn about the local HR processes, then bring them back to KL to centralize and streamline the procedures for the new Shared Services Center in KL. The Shared Services Center was successfully launched after six months.
It was then that I realized, I wanted to learn more about Human Resource. There is more to it than streamlining processes and creating templates for Shared Services. I was lucky again to be hired as an HR Executive in one of Australia’s Oils and Gas engineering consulting companies. My first break as an HR generalist. Was it tough? I always look at my challenges as a chance for me to learn something new. Because tough is not knowing how to do something. I conquer them by learning how to do it, willingly, resourcefully, humbly and persistently. I never have the ‘this is not my work’ mindset; I believe that is the crucial thing that helps to bring me further in my career.
Last year, I took up the Certified HR Manager Course, and I still feel ‘wow, there are so many things that I didn’t know…!’ So, yes, I am not done with Human Resource just yet.

Describe what does #SheTakesTheLead means to you?

Fifteen years in HR, I realized the most significant challenge that most HR practitioners face is the lack of free resources, go-to place to refer to the processes and the right procedure to do something. Be it taking disciplinary action or even the right way to communicate with an employee. There is no ‘one answer fits all’ when it comes to HR. With the help of another HR Practitioner, we created a small HR network where HR practitioners can get advice for free.
One year later, we have a total of 153 HR practitioners who are generous enough to share their ideas and advice and knowledge based on their experience and the law. Just knowing that I am indirectly helping others is an excellent self-satisfaction for me.
#SheTakesTheLead to me means taking the lead to give back as much as I can with simple acts like creating an HR network like this and not doing it for money. Or using my network on LinkedIn to help people look for jobs by sharing vacancies and connect recruiters with job seeker’s profile or CVs. As my network grows more prominent, it somehow influences others to do the same. Take the lead in doing something that we truly believe in. Help others to grow, and we will grow together with them.



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