How to go for 20-21% growth in 2021?

20-21% Growth is easily possible in 2021.

2020 was forgettable for many reasons. Less we talk about it, the better it will be. No point discussing the past. However, did you use it to plan for 2021?

Before the world inundates you with "NEW YEAR" messages, let me share how you can prepare for 2021 as an individual or as an enterprise.

As an individual, 

  1. You are already unique in some way
    • your ability to do something
    • your psyche to achieve something
    • your opinion on some things
  2. Harness that uniqueness
    • Know yourself better (what matters to you most)
    • Get a mentor or a coach (ask someone, they will be glad to help)
    • Learn to better present that unique combination (YOU!).
  3. Learn from others
    • Learn something NEW (that adds to your uniqueness)
    • Listen to feedback (forget the ones that dont apply)
    • Focus on strengths
  4. Do some good (Help someone in need)
    • A co-worker, a stranger, a family member, a friend
    • Mentor them and
    • Identify something unique in them

As an enterprise, the same things apply (though in a different context)

  1. If you survived 2020, you are unique already. As a CxO/board member, 
    • Energize your employees
    • Know their strengths (believe me it is easy to find if you focus on it)
    • Employees can identify new opportunities
  2. Combination of employees already is unique
    • Get a Domain CONSULTANT (HR or People Consultant)
    • Form a panel of experts and specialists (part time if needed)
    • Measure topline additions and bottomline improvements 
  3. Learn from experts in your field
    • Consulting Firms will teach you new things
    • Invest in firms that commit on clear returns
    • Explore those ideas and opportunities
  4. Build flexibility (and do some good)
    • Hire freelancers, contractors (go global if possible)
    • Mentor them and
    • Help them grow and you grow too

You will find some indicative expenditures you must do to make this happen and the expectation from each group.

May you achieve more than 20-21% growth this year!

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