James Cheah, Executive Director-EzCab, Malaysia

“The twist is when the market has a pool of talent, but the best talent always prefers to work for large corporations.” James Cheah-Executive Director-EzCab-Malaysia.

James Cheah, Executive Director of EzCab, Malaysia. A young 25-year-old Entrepreneur likes to explore new things. His first start-up was telecommunication service, which he started during high school days. With an educational background in Bachelor of Risk Management Insurance (Hons) have helped him start EzCab Malaysia. James Cheah’s main focus at EzCab will be on hyperlocal business strategy and building a strategic partnership. In the near future, he is planning to add new services that customize to local user experience. SCIKEY is also one of the potential collaboration partner for new service.

Some key points from the conversation:

Hiring and talent management becomes extremely difficult for SMEs in conditions where resources like time, people who have expertise in recruitment i.e recruiters budgets are limited. The biggest challenge during recruitment for them, just like significant companies is attracting the right talent.

said Mr. Cheah. SMEs are usually associated with lack of stability which diverts people from taking up jobs. Startups end up becoming their second choice.

Secondly, automation isn’t the best option for SMEs for recruitment. Because of the limited headcount adopting new technologies does not seem like a great idea. Additionally, cost consideration is a significant factor. Most of the SMEs do not have or a lot sufficient budgets for hiring as they are often trying to cut down on their spends. Mature companies and recruitment agencies can afford to adopt automation and in fact, should rightly do so. It works as a complement that minimizes the matching process, adds more efficiency and accuracy to get the right person in the right position.

Thirdly, focusing on human-only skills, can get challenging. Most startups struggle while hiring because they are focusing on skills alone but fail to focus on personality traits. Whether an SME or a corporate while acquiring retaining the right talent, it is crucial to look beyond just professional skills. Candidates may have a good education background and knowledge, but if they don’t have the ‘right mindset’, they may not last very long in your organization. Considering the ‘mindset’, ‘ Behavioural skills’ and ‘Personality’ is vital.


SMEs are usually the ones with smaller teams and solo cofounders, and thus teamwork is exceptionally crucial. Having an open communication comes when people have synced mindsets to work towards a goal. Even corporates today are adopting various tests during interview processes to find the right mind match for the organization. Having a clear mindset and excellent behavioural skills allows a person to adapt to the team and contribute effectively easily. In a startup or SMEs, people are expanding on a day-to-day basis. They are at the peak of forming their core teams; thus it is crucial to hire a person with excellent behavioural skills and clear mindset to lead the department. Establish a positive culture that can be better developed from a base level.

Artificial Intelligence impacting recruitment


 Talking about talent management, artificial intelligence will be of great help to the whole human capital relationship management based on the big data collection ( daily activities behaviour, college activities and etc). Companies are now adopting Employee Benefit Apps to collect employee activities so they get to know the team better, as well as build a better team. Indirectly it helps in reducing the turnover rate of employees. As artificial intelligence progresses, the cost of automation will keep decreasing, and SMEs will be able to get their hands on it more effectively.

Parting thoughts

SMEs need to focus on better development of their talent management systems as it builds the foundation. Additionally, while hiring the right talent, it is crucial to consider all aspects of a person. The key message to the leaders/business owners and the HR professionals would be:


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