10 Jobs That Don’t Exist Today, But Will Be Created In The Future

Here are 10 jobs that don’t exist today, but will be created soon:


As we come to the close of 2020, we see a massive push in digitisation, accelerated by the pandemic.

It seems like the movies were right all about robots taking over the world and our jobs.

Yes, they will take some of our jobs. But they will create new ones too.

Here are 10 jobs that don’t exist today, but will be created soon:

Self-Driving Car Mechanic– A mechanic that performs repair and maintenance work on self-driving cars.


Longevity Relationship Counsellor– With humans expected to live 100 years and more, new types of marriage and relationship counsellors may emerge.


AI Ethicist – A specialist on ethical and legal matters regarding the creation of AI-based products.


3D Printer Chef – A chef that comes up with recipes and new 3D printing techniques using a 3D printer to match customer tastes and dietary needs.


Drone Manager – A drone manager’s job is to organise, maintain, and direct fleets of drones using AI-driven logistics systems.


Vertical Farmer – A vertical farmer farms crops upwards than across flat fields to save space.


WFH Facilitator – A work-from-home facilitator oversees the integration and engagement of the remote workforce.


Space Tour Guide– A space tour guide is in charge of space tours and explaining to the space travellers what’s going on throughout the space exploration.


Digital Removalist– A digital removalist specialises in protecting people’s data, remove digital footprints and unwanted information from the internet.


Social Media Lawyer– A lawyer who specialises in issues on the internet and social media.


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Santosh Panicker 4 months ago

Again reinforce the point - Skilling, Upskilling and Reskilling is continous process