How to invest money in Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become a popular means of payment. Investors consider it promising to invest in Bitcoin and store coins on a long-term basis, while others earn on the course due to its volatility.

The exchange rate of the coin has been volatile since its launch. The HTS price chart resembles a real roller coaster. For traditional investors, volatility is not a plus. However, the ever-increasing cost attracts a lot of attention, and in the pursuit of profit, many decide to invest in Bitcoin.
Investing in Bitcoin is fraught with risks. To try your hand and understand how the market works, you can start with a small investment in Bitcoin. Among the variety of coins, it is better to choose BTC, since this cryptocurrency has no analogues in terms of reliability.
The history of Bitcoin has more than 10 years. Now it is called "digital gold".

At the same time, its rigidly set emission rate, controlled by the variable complexity of mining and a decentralized network, gives Bitcoin a significant advantage over fiat currencies due to the confidence that your investments will not be "crushed" by inflation.
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