Automation reshaping Recruitment

Now recruitment becoming a less-labour intensive process and as a result, the cost of hiring is plummeting.

Automation is bringing a huge shift in the way recruitment is done; it is getting faster, more employee-centric and streamlined in its approach. Finding the best talent will remain recruiters’ biggest challenge, however by leveraging the prowess of AI and automation, it is now possible to sift through hundreds of resumes (CV parsing) in no time. Now recruitment becoming a less-labour intensive process and as a result, the cost of hiring is plummeting.


AI based tools are powerful and intuitive which can present a complete profile of the candidates, for an instance, it is now possible to find out what ‘mindset’ a person carries apart from just focusing on his skills and experience. Furthermore, there has been lot of emphasis on the ‘candidate experience‘ during the entire hiring process; it works on the premise that candidates should feel engaged and interested throughout the process so that recruiters do not lose on the potential candidates and later do not face any renege. To facilitate this engagement, recruiters are leveraging smart automated tools like video interviewing, sending intermittent mails and using chatbots to do some of the important tasks. Automation in hiring has also made it possible to gather candidate’s feedback during the last interview, to lend more credibility to the entire process. Automation is soon becoming a reality, however to maintain the sanctity of the process, efforts are being made to deliver “human-like experience” to the candidates by understanding human sentiments and feelings. Creating a positive experience for the candidates will result in better engagement throughout the process and even later if they are hired.


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