Majid Ali Khan, Head Strategic Resourcing – TA – India and Poland- Mphasis

Majid Ali Khan, Head Strategic Resourcing – Talent Acquisition – India & Poland- Mphasis, on redesigning the talent acquisition framework in changing times.

In a quick conversation with SCIKEY, Majid Ali Khan shared his views on new talent acquisition framework In changing times, impact of coronavirus pandemic on the Mphasis and more. Read the full article.


How should talent leaders go about redesigning the talent acquisition framework to adapt to the changing times?

Finding best-suited talent starts with inviting potential applications, and in these changing times, talent acquisition has undergone a revolution that is led by technology and automation. In today’s context and the changing times, the chances of getting a higher number of applications for a job are more than the past, and that brings in further a greater need for assessing all the applications. This becomes the crux of the talent acquisition framework where the tech-enabled assessments are to be used to qualify suitable candidates to make the funnel optimal from the effort and time standpoint.


Majid, With over a decade of experience in talent Acquisition, please suggest where intelligent hiring tools can guide us and where they cannot? How to identify the right tool?

Intelligent hiring tools have made life simpler for TA leaders by eliminating waste and subjectivity. Such tools are helpful when it comes to shortlisting potential hires from a larger pool of applicants however when it comes to final decision making a Personal Interview prevails over the tool, helps the applicants display their design thinking and art of doing things on the spot, at times even the body language helps in decision making which is easier during a Personal Interview.


How do you see the impact of coronavirus pandemic on the Mphasis?

We continue to stay strong and positive. We have been working from home.


We have become more agile and our ways of candidate and employee engagement have all become digital and virtual with right controls in order.


How is the talent hiring different in Mphasis now from the pre COVID times?


We had always been a forward-leaning organization and in the current situation, we have also unleashed a greater potential to manage things digitally and virtually through tech-enabled platforms as far as hiring and onboarding is concerned.



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