Bindu Devaraj, Head -Technical Recruitment

Bindu Devaraj, Head -Technical Recruitment, Odessa on Insights about hiring a modern workforce

In an exclusive interaction, Bindu shared new talent acquisition processes that you are deploying at Odessa, and some of the strategies she has implemented that has got organizations the right talent pool in her years of experience more. Read the full article.


1.What new or refreshed insights do you think COVID-19 has brought to the forefront around organizational views of hiring a modern workforce?
The ongoing global pandemic has been challenging in a myriad different ways. One of the biggest changes we experienced as recruiters is adapting our process for hiring and recruiting new employees to the new normal.

In practicing social distancing, every step of the interview process is now conducted remotely while providing a smooth, seamless experience for candidates that replicates the in-person experience as closely possible. Recreating that experience requires a great deal of focus and attention to detail to ensure we have the necessary infrastructure, processes, and resources ready to go.

For instance, we make sure all interviews are video-enabled to offer that connected, real-time experience for both our candidates and interviewers. Many organizations are also turning to technology to automate the end-to-end hiring process, including automated scheduling, chatbot interactions, and online hiring assessments. While many of these solutions have long been available to help facilitate the hiring process, their adoption has ramped up in recent months.


  1. What are some of the roadblocks that you are navigating amidst the crisis?
    The pandemic has certainly pushed us to reimagine the recruitment process. During uncertain times, candidates may hesitate to look for a change and switch jobs. Another added challenge is promoting a great workplace and culture completely virtually when they cannot visit our offices.

By listening and accommodating different comfort levels, we can help address those concerns and inspire a sense of confidence as well. In choosing a company, candidates need to have a sense of the workplace culture, be comfortable with the people they would potentially be working with and feel confident that they made the right choice. While it is easier to provide candidates this well-rounded experience in-person, we have to continually ideate and explore new ways to do the same remotely.

Virtual tours, virtual handshakes, testimonials from peers, virtual coffee connects are some great ways to recreate that positive experience to help them feel valued, supported, and secure in choosing the right opportunity for them. Continuous virtual engagement and frequent check-ins from the time of offer to the day they join us – and even beyond – helps instill that confidence that they made the right choice.


  1. What are some of the new talent acquisition processes that you are deploying at Odessa.

Putting our best foot forward
In consumer branding, it takes up to 8 touchpoints to influence a users’ decision. The same applies to talent branding! With most candidates doing their share of research into the companies they are interviewing with, it’s vital to put your best foot forward and showcase your work culture through a rich, multifaceted online and social media presence. Our website and social media channels are filled with multimedia experiences to help them learn more about what we do, how we work, get to know their potential teammates, explore career options, and more.

Seamless Hiring process
Candidates are looking for a quick, efficient way to apply for jobs while on-the-go.


Recreating the recruitment process virtually has helped us streamline the process, eliminate any bottlenecks, and help ensure a flexible digital candidate experience.

  1. IT industry is one of the biggest employers in India, and technical hiring is one of the crucial roles, Bindu you being into technical hiring for almost a decade now; tell us some of the best strategies you have implemented in your experience that has got organizations the right talent pool

Using social media networks
Social recruiting has become an increasingly popular strategy over the past few years. Maintaining an active social media presence and providing rich and relevant information helps candidates better understand the role and company. Simultaneously, it allows recruiters to assess the talent pool better and identify strong prospective candidates. It also helps reduce dependency on third-parties for related processes.

Promoting a clear Brand and Vision
By showing – and not just talking about - our company’s smart technology, unique work culture, and a talented workplace that is a joy to be a part of every day, we help candidates experience what it’s like to work and build something amazing with us.

Tapping Leadership to catalyze hiring efforts

Talent acquisition is more than having a team of stellar recruiters. To build a diverse and inclusive environment filled with talented people and diverse perspectives, you need active engagement across the organization, particularly leadership.


This cross-collaboration is incredibly effective in gaining valuable insight into identifying the right talent and streamlining the overall recruitment process.

Getting to know Niche Job Boards
Exploring smaller, niche job sites with a wide but targeted community of job seekers and recruiters alike are especially helpful in hiring for technical roles that require specific skill sets and industry knowledge.



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