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Type of Partnerships with SCIKEY

Our online talent marketplace crowdsources jobseeker resumes. If you are an individual who has access to good quality talent in your network, become a Talent Contributor (Seller) partner. It just needs your online registration and keeping in lookout for posted jobs that need qualified resumes. You can upload, attach resume to a job and also remove your contributed resume anytime, if you like. Your Resume Vault keeps every document safe and tagged to your profile in the marketplace. If any SCIKEY Talent Marketplace client hires anyone from your contributed resumes, you get paid for your efforts & contribution.
Becoming a Talent Contributor is very easy. Start today.

If you are an individual recruitment expert or a recruitment firm looking to grow its local business or service global talent needs of Fortune employers, this can be a good opportunity for you to partner with SCIKEY as a Virtual recruiter. SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform matches the demand with supply of Quality Talent online in a marketplace environment, using its AI powered engine. Virtual Recruiters can earn money with every successful hire. As a Virtual Recruiter on SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform, you can have great earning opportunity being a part of SCIKEY talent supply chain.
Becoming a Virtual Recruiter is very easy. Start today.

Our platforms and products need customisation, consulting and implementation that our clients are willing to pay for. Our consultants are well trained and certified by us and are treated as an extension of SCIKEY Team. If you are a forward thinking HR Consultant, Executive Coach, Retired CXO with HR mindset in any part of the world, we would be interested to talk to you for our current and future needs as we expand globally. SCIKEY Platforms & Solutions provide unique opportunity for consultants to expand their offerings and grow together with SCIKEY.
Please connect with us to know more. Open or TAP and Integration partners for TCP.

We are currently operating in India, South East Asia (Malaysia) and Europe (based out of Helsinki), with plans of expanding into the USA & other global markets. We are interested to talk to established companies and individuals that deal with selling HR products, solutions and services to clients in the above regions and beyond. We offer attractive commissions, hand hold and support your success. Our business model provides every tool for success to our partners .
If you are interested to be a reseller for SCIKEY products and solutions or to know more, we are looking forward to talk to you and explore synergies.

SCIKEY Contracting marketplace provides immense opportunities for companies that are operating in contract staffing space to grow their business by collaborating with us as a part of our platform supply chain and source quality talent for Fortune companies in different geographies. You may be operating in any global location, we would be interested to talk to you and explore opportunities of partnering. Our platform provides automated alerts of contract assignments that you can source for and earn good revenue while SCIKEY Platform automates the demand generation pipeline for you online. Become a Partner today.

SCIKEY invites institutions like colleges, private for profit companies, Government agencies, welfare groups and similar entities that participate in churning out talent, creating opportunities for jobs and preparing talent for job market, to become our partners. Such institutions can work with SCIKEY to support better placements and learning opportunities through the platforms.

SCIKEY Platform Features for Partners 

Register Online

Registeration is free and done online within two minutes. Start looking for opportunities immediately after that and post resume of your talent inventory against the opportunities.

Protect your assets

SCIKEY ensures that once you have put a resume, it belongs to you. Anyone else trying to put duplicate resume will not be allowed to do so. Your resumes are fully yours and protected in your Resume Vault.

Direct access to opportunities

All open job options for Full time, contract and more are listed for you to attend immediately. Based on your profile, only relevant jobs are shown, while other jobs also can be accessed if you wish.

Notification & alerts

The selection process send auto triggers and notifies about the status of the resumes you have provided against open jobs. Your dashboard gives you entire details online.

SCIKEY Sells for Partners

SCIKEY does all the heavy lifting. We get customers, jobs and platform for you to simply provide your talents on the given openings. You save on cost of selling and focus on giving best quality talent at lower cost. Your payments will be released based on the agreement with SCIKEY.

Bulk upload

You have tons of resumes that belong to your talents? Dont wait before someone else does it and you are deprived to own that talent. Bulk upload the resumes and protect your database in your vault.

One resume, multiple choices

Spend some time regularly to attach resumes to the open job positions. One resume can be attached to any number of matching jobs. It is easy and gurantees that the recruiter sees those resumes and does not miss out due to millions of resumes already in the database. 

Dedicated support

SCIKEY has dedicated team of partner support. They will take care of your qustions and concerns. Just email to Seller Support and our team will reach out to you with all needed support. 


List of our partners is increasing regularly. We are open to discuss partnerships.

Our Partners are extension of our business

SCIKEY Partners are trained and engaged for success

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