Discover Yourself with  MindMatch

With 'SCIKEY MindMatch', It just takes 20 minutes to discover the strengths and areas of improvement for any individual. Once the questions are answered, you get a personalised report on your strengths and areas of improvement. This can help anyone in understanding the kind of career one should pursue and where you can excel in your profession. It is easy once you truly understand your strengths.
Get mentored with the experts who can help shape up your future.

Benefits of SCIKEY Report & consulting for Graduates & Jobseekers

SCIKEY has potential to provide better insights to any people related decision making

Assess Behavioral strengths

Assess Skills for the job

Self assessment for gap analysis

Better Employment Opportunities

Comparison with peer level

Track improvement of skills

Integrated with SCIKEY digital resume 

Online Mentorship for further guidance

People insights 24x7 with Talent Alignment Platform

Keep a track of your abilities and play on strengths

Fast, Scalable & Dynamic

It is lightening fast and takes just 20 minutes to complete per person. TAP covers any number of employees as it is highly scalable. Platform is available 24x7 and dynamically changes as the company employee data gets updated with new coming in and few going out.

For continuous reference

TAP provides continuous reference for People and Team leaders. No regular update needed from employees who have already give the assessment. Assessments can be retaken once in 2 years. TAP is GDPR Compliant and the outcome is secured for need to know basis.

Become SCIKEY TAP Certified Consultant

SCIKEY Certification program has been created to train “HR Professionals”, “HR Consultants” and “People Consultants like coach, mentors and CXOs” to get a deeper insight on the human mindset and their resulting behaviour. The program is a combination of digital and classroom program. The four level of certification ensures that the certified experts are able to independently consult using SCIKEY Talent Alignment Platform and create a great earning opportunity for themselves or their organizations.  

4 Courses

5 days

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