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SRKay Unveils ‘SCIKEY MindMatch’, an Algorithm to Predict Startup Success, at the United Nations in Geneva

Pune and Geneva, 19th July 2018: SRKay unveiled the path-breaking MindMatch Algorithm, based on the research by its Talent Solutions venture SCIKEY which can predict startup success, at the recently held UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) meeting in Geneva. The algorithm utilizes several human-only attributes for the prediction, which have been largely ignored by startups and funding agencies across the globe, leading to massive startup failures so far. Thrashing some famous studies that point out several reasons why startups fail, Mr. Alok Kumar, the Managing Partner of SRKay said, "78 percent of startups are successful due to human only factors while the failures are primarily because of ignoring these factors." Read More

SRKay Invests in SCIKEY, a High Potential Indo-Finnish Talent Marketplace Venture

Helsinki, London and Pune, 26th April 2018: SRKay Consulting Group announces its second round of investment in 'SCIKEY', a hiring lifecycle automation and talent marketplace that is planned for beta launch in select markets in May-June this year. SCIKEY got onboarded onto SRKay's accelerator ecosystem in late 2016, and since then team SCIKEY has been deeply engaged in cutting-edge research. Read More