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About This Proposal

“Employee mis-alignment, resistance to change and team harmony directly impacts their performance and results in attrition as well as compromised organisational outcomes. While this fact is well known, there is little that CXOs are able to do beyond deploying old models of engagements and retention, which are no more effective due to the changing demography of employees”. When our research team was working to solve this problem, we developed an AI based algorithm (SCIKEY MindMatch Algorithm) that can reveal the mindset of any individual and open up the gates of knowledge on why people take decisions the way they do. Our research conclusively came out with findings that it is the mindset of the employee and the harmony level of the mindset with their job requirements, their teams and their company vision which is responsible in making a person perform to the level that they do. Some of its applications in today’s time are:

  1. Effectiveness of Sales team in your organisation (any Geography)

  2. Predicting the success of a start-up

  3. Giving additional responsibilities/roles to certain individuals

  4. While promoting people 

  5. Increase the Productivity of your team

  6. Merging some of the teams

  7. Hiring the People with Right Attitude for your critical roles

  8. Predicting the Stability of the people (identifying potential attrition)  

  9. Making a decision who should work from home (from Mindset perspective)

  10. Knowing the root cause for inter personal conflicts within a department/function/process

  11. While creating the IDP (Individual Development Plan) for your talent

Frequently Asked Questions

SCIKEY Talent Alignment platform is an automated platform that can reveal mindset of an individual using its SCIKEY MindMatch Algorithm and can match with that of others dynamically giving detailed insights on individual behaviour and decision-making pattern in their job, with their team and within organisation.
What does this platform do
TAP is probably the only one platform that provides unbiased critical insight on mindset of individuals, teams, and organisation as a whole in relation to their ecosystem, thus making it very meaningful for organisations that work more as teams and aligned to a vision rather than group of detached individuals. TAP provides the mindset maps and organisational heat map that can help CXOs and HR teams to improve employee engagement, team harmony and organisational alignment. The platform matches the individual mindset with that of the job, the team and with the company culture that we call SCIKEY MindMatch.
What will we benefit from using TAP
TAP can help organisations in many ways. Hiring a best fit, reducing attrition, reducing organisational conflicts, creating winning teams, improving training outcomes, promotions and training needs identification and much more. TAP provides the Mindset Maps that can be analysed by experts to bring out excellent insights that can be helpful in almost every people related issues.
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