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Competing for the right fit candidates (right fit = skillset fit + mindset fit) in today’s employment marketplace poses significant challenges and when your business demands for expansion of teams within a tight timeframe, these challenges cause increased costs and hinder your ability to meet defined objectives.

SCIKEY’ unique Digital RPO Model offers an outsourced approach to enhance your talent acquisition practice while administering multiple hires within a stipulated time frame.

SCIKEY recruitment specialists use our proven Hiring & Contracting platform to deliver seamless, workflow driven Talent attraction strategies that can help you secure the right talent quickly & effectively. SCIKEY ‘s RPO Practice can act as a company’s internal recruitment function for a portion or the entire project.

Our recruitment specialists manage the entire hiring process right from job profiling & promotion, through to onboarding management – all using our highly automated hiring & contracting platform powered with A.I and enabled with SCIKEY MindMatch for psychometric based screening

Why choose SCIKEY as your partner?
  1. 1.5 Million + Job Seekers & Gig Workers in platform
  2. 2000 + Crowdsourcing Partners
  3.  200 + Customers
  4.  250 + Active work engagements
  5. 60+ Team of product engineers, data scientists & business experts
Our tools & methodology allows customers to –
  •      Create a centralized & dedicated recruitment process for the business
  •      Define a leading sourcing strategy including JD creation & marketing
  •      Flexibility when embarking on hiring projects
  •      Reduce risk when managing timeline driven volume hiring
  •      Eliminate administrative tasks, including negotiation, offer generation & onboarding
Our customers benefit with –
  1.       Reduced Cost per hire & time per hire
  2.       Increased quality of hire – Skill Matched & Mindset Mapped
  3.       Attract right fit talent using multichannel sourcing strategies – covering across SCIKEY Professional Community Site, Social Media & Crowdsourcing from 2000+ talent supply partners
  4.       Reduced attrition & improved retention rates by hiring the right culture fit candidates
  5.       Flexible pricing models that allow you to manage your budget effectively  

*In case you already have your own tools; SCIKEY Integrates well with Several ATS & Job Boards. We can provide our own API that can be used to integrate with your existing tools. For any specific integration assistance / service required, it comes with one-time integration charges

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