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About This Proposal

SCIKEY MindMatch is world’s 1st automated algorithm that can measure human mindset and predict best fit for the job, team & the organization for any individual to maximize Return on Hired Employee (RoHE).

SCIKEY MindMatch algorithm draws its understanding from the existing theories of Big Five, FFM, Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence Framework [18], Martin Saligman’s PREMA Model [19], along with the added theory of its own.

The algorithm is an amalgamation of mathematics, psychology and artificial intelligence and is developed to align the workforce with not just their teams but also with the organization and self-goals. The algorithm provides insights into the personality of the subjects along with the gaps that need to be bridged for a mental and personal growth of the individuals, enhancing the quality of their professional and personal life.

SCIKEY MindMatch Algorithm goes beyond the traditional way of behavioral assessment. While the assessment analyzes the Emotional Intelligence, it takes several other factors like ego-based identity, aspirations, habits, and ecosystem noise to be more accurate in its findings for an individual. This data is then compared to the other ecosystem variables that can bring out the real behavior of the person in the given situation or with designated people when they work in a team. 

*SCIKEY Integrates with Several ATS & Job Boards. SCIKEY provides its own API that can be used to integrate, while any specific integration service required comes with one-time integration charges extra for all models

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