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SCIKEY Offshore Talent provides the best cost, plenty of choices & unmatched convenience to the employers across the globe, in employing or contracting the best quality Offshore talent; backed by our awesome team that has decades of experience in managing and governing offshore workforce.

Advantages of Offshore talent:

  • Availability of workforce with strong English fluency 
  • World class engineering talent contributing to global IT
  • Talent costs significantly lower compared to US/European markets
  • Strong work ethics driven by a culture of trust, family values and lasting relationships

We provide talent by leveraging SciKey Talent Commerce Platform that offers our customers personalized experience, anywhere & real time convenience, faster choices and business enabling insights.

Advantages of SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform:

  • 1.5 Million Job seekers
  • 2000+ Talent Partners for crowd sourcing
  • PATENT Filed - SCIKEY MindMatch
  • SCIKEY MindMatch based Instant ‘Soft Skill’ and ‘Hard Skill’ Matching Benefits
    Awarded : Top 20 Most Promising HR Tech Start-Ups

We would be happy to assist you in hiring Offshore Talent using our Talent Commerce Platform.

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