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Over 50% of the job seekers in India consider “Enhancing knowledge and skills” as one of their top professional aspirations in life, but almost half (50.72%) of these professionals have low learning agility.

IT Sector depends on the ability of the talent to unlearn and relearn quickly to remain relevant to their clients. With significant proportion of the IT workforce being profiled with low learning agility is likely to create a severe job vs skill mismatch that will make it very challenging for the Indian IT sector that needs talent with high learning agility fueled by ever-growing new technologies.

The data also reveals strong insights about the quantum of job seekers that have high learning agility, leadership ability, management ability and tendency to be instruction takers. The report further highlights the need for organizations to come up with creative & effective ways of quickly up-skilling or re-skilling their currently employed talent, and also for the policymakers will have to look at new education methods to bridge the gap and reverse this trend.

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